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Full Version: Most fun rivalries
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What was the most fun rivalry you’ve been apart of?

Personally TSC vs 3v0

We'd (CL) be on call 12 hours a day ready to go smash AA. Same in return for AA, whenever they'd know we were out, they'd come out and fight. Mutual respect between the two clans, even though hatred was high too, was insane. Outperforming the other clan was always the goal on both sides so numbers were almost always matched up unofficially.

It wasn't ever official but around 2010 we got a little pissed off at the rest of the clan world and saw everyone who didn't give us fights as rivals lol. It's debatable but feel as if it helped us reach our 2nd peak.
Rsd vs vr in like 2011?
RoT vs. AF, DF, DI & VR
Genesis vs. Pure Hatred
Rivalries have kinda sucked in OSRS but I loved DF vs VR, TT, Cor and RSD. The crash wars when it was DF + rot vs vr + eos were pretty fun
DS vs DI in 2006 and EH vs VR in 2007

Everything in the years after were usually a cluster of alliances between different clans that usually changed every few months
PH vs Gen was pretty fun
PH vs Downfall was hilarious but shortlived
Ronin vs Poison was great until Poison went inactive
DF vs VR
DF vs TT
CR vs Exodus (lol)

Not in any order
SE and TR I enjoyed.
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