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Full Version: Books vs E-readers
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Do you prefer the satisfaction of flicking through one solid, meaty, tome - or want the convenience of having hundreds or even thousands of books accessible in a single handheld device? 

I'm more of a classicist, myself. Though I have used the Kindle app on my smartphone, and have nothing but gratitude for it getting me through my soul-destroyingly boring old job, it still never felt quite right. I appreciate the convenience of modern technology and the amazing progress it makes for the betterment of mankind as a whole, but this is one point I can't bear changing my mind on. I mean come on - what kind of ridiculous future are we entering where books actually run out of batteries?!  

At the end of the day if you want to look smart - you get a bookcase and fill it with actual books which are dusty and people can't quite make out the names of (adding to the mystique). How ridiculous would someone on TV look if they were filmed in front of shelves of Kindles, instead? Please...
I like the multi-tasking of audiobooks myself, I really do like books in physical form but sitting down and reading a book is hard in an age where everything has a screen.
That's actually the reason I prefer real books. My eyes need a goddamm break occasionally.  Sad
I'm a slight conservative when it comes to physical things like books.. among other things.

Definitely books>E-book

Books don't run out of battery either. B)
I listen more to podcasts these days; in terms of reading material, my answer depends on the work itself. In general, I prefer having a physical copy within arm's reach when reading for enjoyment. For example, I have classics like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings in print because ebook versions wouldn't do these great works justice. As for textbooks and other books I'm not too fond of, I enjoy the convenience and reduced costs of electronic versions.
You just cant beat that book smell. E-reading hurts my eyes, that and the fact that you're constantly plastered looking at a monitor doesnt sit well with me (computers/tv).
I do not mind using my tablet for a book or a computer for journal articles but for a long read the printed version is simply better
(09-22-2018, 04:10 AM)Ninja Wrote: [ -> ]I listen more to podcasts these days; 
Oh for sure, hit me up with the Joe Rogan Experience playing in the background any time.
I hate reading e-books, but if they're textbooks they also tend not to cost $200.
For casual reading I get physical books, because it's easier for me to focus. Textbooks I get pdfs online because they're cheaper. Yes I know that logic is backwards.
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