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Full Version: Books vs E-readers
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(10-22-2018, 04:07 PM)erender Wrote: [ -> ]Nothing really beats the printed word but I guess it has to do with lifestyles as well. I would choose a physical book if I had a permanent house and lots of space for it. I absolutely love reading and I would love to have a shelf full of books but right now, with a small rented apartment, I can only afford to purchase ebooks for practical reasons.
That used to be my outlook but since finding out about the availability of e-books without having to buy a kindle etc. I have come to really enjoy them.
I spent most of my free-time and also while at work listening to various e-books over previously watching youtube videos/music videos and wasting time, I put the time to good use.
Also trying to get the kids into listening to e-books when they want to play games on their Tablets/Phones. So far going good with kids/cartoon based books/comics. Also my cousin who is 14 suffers from a form of ADD meaning his concentration levels are diabolical however I've shown him he can still study for his exams without forcing himself to sit through books + books which he wouldn't enjoy and therefore wouldn't take in.
Will always agree having a feature wall within your house full with books is the dream of most people, weather they read regularly or not.
Audiobooks take the win for me, great to listen to while working.

Regular books win when I have the time to read.
Hell if I know exactly why but, in this case, I believe books work wayy better than E-Books, literally!
Depends. Some audio books are worth it just for the reader. I think about the guy who did "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle", and the audio book is worth it just for that. Some readers are more dull, and it's not really worth it.

I can't even have audio books for multi-tasking though. I need to focus on what's going on.

Most of the time I like to have the book on me - I've held e-readers, and they're kind of cool, but I like the feeling of holding a real book. Seems weird, because I use technology for so many things, that if I'm going to read a book I might as well let technology go for that one thing. Can't condemn anyone for using them themselves, though.
I've never been interested enough to give audiobooks a shot. I'd rather read at my own pace and be able to flick back at any time to check something. Not to mention give the characters voices myself, haha. 

For example I'm going through a Sherlock Holmes compilation and the only way I could be convinced to audiobook it is if Jeremy Bratt and co were the readers. Until then I'd rather mentally project their voices.  Big Grin
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