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Full Version: Team Trinity | PvM/CWA Based Community | Active TS, CC, & Discord
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Forums | Teamspeak3: Discord:
Clan Chat: Team_Trinity
Key Members of the Herd:
PvM Coordinator
CWA Coordinator
Site/Teamspeak Admin
Message me here or on Discord (mike) if you want to set up a fight
Team Trinity first opened as a clan wars oriented team back in 2011. As the years came by, the clan wars scene decayed to a point in which we did not want to identity ourselves as a clan wars team. As a result, past members of the team have decided to re-brand as a team centered around community and non-pvp events such as a raids, skilling and PvM. We are open to anyone that wants to join our herd. To become a member, there is no application process, you just have to register on forums and idle on teamspeak. 
Here's some pictures xd 
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great team
we are great
Will always love these guys.

PS: F you for posting this pic of me losing.

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