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Full Version: Return of the UN?
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I know it hasn't really been used except for special occasions, but what is everyone's thoughts on bringing it back for RSC?

This of course will be solely on what Torreoria wants to do with it and if w13 wants to allow a privated thread again.
No thanks, it was 100% completely and utterly useless.
I think any sort of meeting where clan leaders want to meet and discuss things would be better left on the Discord. Unless there's a huge need for clan leaders to be able to talk with each other, we won't set it up again.
(09-25-2018, 05:11 PM)Wee Man Wrote: [ -> ]No thanks, it was 100% completely and utterly useless.
There is not enough support from clan leaders to warrant the United Nations continuing on a forum. There appears to be some interest in the RSC Discord for leaders. Once things settle down, we'll see what is or isn't needed.
Honestly as said unless a majority of clans are on board the purpose of having it won’t be met.
It was never properly used. No point