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Full Version: The Return of Reapers of Runescape
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[Image: Kgb98AR.gif]
I know we haven't posted many topics out but we been working on recruiting and doing more with the clan.

We will continue to push forward, ignoring the haters and make sure to not look back!

October is coming up, time to make this a very spooky Reaping Season!

Tonight was a great night for Reapers, PKing 2 Zamorak Godswords and lots of PVM loot!

[Image: 3070ece83c9e997709a02abce7c2c8b4.png]

[Image: da5784b6a395aeaf5de47a5dcd35df00.png]
[Image: AmZLOaK.png]

[Image: YmaiHwx.png]


[Image: da857192ab9da3603e1f53b620b4b455.png]

[Image: e131b4a3a03ad40aa34c1ae1f04d3af8.png]

[Image: c433de9fdeb837688bc6c9883f076f5d.png]

[Image: 1f103f9e3bfe9dee468ea9a5593bbb19.png]

[Image: 89bacfb09bb7b92d2affee99e5190b3f.png]

[Image: pfmQE0f.png]

[Image: BJS1RzW.png]


[Image: 0366a45935d1854018ac511326b482bb.png]

[Image: fQ5dtOO.png]

[Image: rP0WJIz.png]

[Image: xuzs0PL.png][Image: CdzViV4.png]
[Image: s4TX8ax.png]

[Image: Kgb98AR.gif]
Holy shit don't believe it.
Welcome back!
Welcome back! good luck on your recruiting and hopefully you get your next core of pkers ready for war
what a fun looking clan
Welcome back Smile
Uncontested #1

Does this mean lobsters are coming back?
(09-28-2018, 03:39 AM)Dox17 Wrote: [ -> ]Uncontested #1

Does this mean lobsters are coming back?

We can only hope.  Big Grin
Good job
(09-28-2018, 03:39 AM)Dox17 Wrote: [ -> ]Uncontested #1

Does this mean lobsters are coming back?

In our hearts!!
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