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Full Version: Dreams/Nightmares thread
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I was inspired to make this due to a bizarre dream I had.

I was climbing a large water-slide, like one of the huge ones you would see in a theme park. The water-slide was inflatable and it was very wide like maybe 10 feet across. When you got to the highest part it leveled out and there was this row of people on both sides just sitting there, hanging out. I decided to join them. Among them was this a man with a guitar playing and singing we was going to sing the entire time and if you did not like it you could leave.

So what bizarre dreams/nightmares did you have recently?
not recent but cool stuff, weird dream about father the night he died, i had no knowledge of the death at the time so pretty much convinced me death isn't the end, dreamed about this guy tony from work who had dropped dead on way to work age 34, he was all pale looking white hair like how you'd imagine supernatural being to look, we were working in the dream doing warehouse stuff and i asked him hey you do reailse you're dead right? and he laughed and said of course i know don't be stupid, dreamed about recently dead grandmother explaining to her that i'd become very wealthy irl, she was polite about it but didn't seem bothered, she had never liked me much when alive either