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This thread is for all things Magic: The Gathering!

Who else here plays? Fairly new at the moment myself, just started playing a couple of months ago. MTG Arena went into open beta a couple of days ago and I'm loving it so far, it's a great way to practice. Oh yeah, I have even started doing YouTube videos for my MTG unboxings. Check them out at:
The only thing I know about MTG:

and this:
(10-05-2018, 02:45 PM)Wee Man Wrote: [ -> ]The only thing I know about MTG:

That guy got banned from tournaments for a year doing that PSA. The greatest injustice of my lifetime.

Oh yea I still go to FNMs every week. Very excited for Ravnica, currently 6-1-2 in all my matches. Went 2-0 split last Friday with a grindy golgari deck and when we played for fun in the last round he smashed 40-0 but just playing out lifehealer hawks and suiciding mentors into my fatties just to pump up the hawks. 

Nightveil Predator is also a super unfair card.
Haven't done any drafts or FNM yet, though it looks fun. I'm just a bit too shy to waltz into my LGS and start playing with random people.