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Forsaken is a GMT based (European timezone) community clan on the oldschool version of the game (OSRS). As we are a community clan, we allow multiclanning, which means that we are not taking priority over other clans. Idling in our cc is not mandatory due to those main clans as well. As we are originally a GMT clan, it means the majority of our (PvP) events will be between 7 PM GMT and 10 PM GMT. However some events such as skilling competitions or PvM competitions go on day and night. With that said, we have members from all over the world. Forsaken first opened it's doors on the 27th of April 2010. We closed as a warring clan on the 5th of April in 2012. A few years after the release of oldschool, some Forsaken members got together and decided to reopen. We reopened on the 17th of May in 2015. After doing very well in the PvP scene we closed our doors as a warring clan. Our main focus was always F2P warring, but that scene slowly started fading away. As a result we closed as a warring clan on the 29th of October in 2017. After that, we basically turned into a community clan, which we still are to this date.

We aim to have 2-3 events hosted by staff each week. Examples are small PvM events or competitions, skilling competitions, fun events and P2P pk trips. We do offsite games as well now and then such as Tagpro, Cards Against Humanity or Curve Fever for example. In addition to that, many of our members play other games together as well. None of those events are mandatory, but we do require some level of activity from everyone.
People often ask me what does Forsaken aim for? Or how would you describe Forsaken? I'll answer those questions below.

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What does Forsaken aim for
Forsaken aims to be a place for everyone to enjoy. We have members from various main clans as well, but it's our goal to keep everything free of beef. To make this a place for everyone to enjoy we host PvM events, skill events, fun events and P2P pking. In addition we have our own PvM rankings and skill rankings as well! To keep our good community we have a active Discord server and we have of course this forum. Besides RuneScape a lot of Forsaken members play other games together as well. For example League of Legends, Counterstrike, Fortnite or World of Warcraft. Some even play Xbox or Playstation together! 

Forsaken isn't just a clan, we're a family. We are one big group of friends who enjoy hanging out together. Our focus isn't just RuneScape, there is so much more we do together. People are always welcome to join our community. Even though we have a lot of high level content, we are a home to low level players as well. We welcome any new player without experience and we will gladly help you out with stuff! Hang around with us on Discord and post around on forums so you'll get to know us  [Image: thumbsup.gif]

How would I describe Forsaken
Forsaken is a clan which has members from all over the world. It's a lovely group of friends, in which you will easily fit in if you give it a shot. We really have all sorts of people in here. We have ones which are really kind and are always up to help people, people which are funny as hell and some are sometimes as retarded as you can imagine. Young or old it doesn't matter. They all fit in Forsaken because we all have one thing in common: we care a lot about Forsaken and the community. We respect eachother and we put in effort together to make this a nice place for everyone.

My view is obviously biased as a Leader of this clan. I can however 100% guarantee you this clan will be worth a shot, whether it is for the PvM, the skilling or the PvP aspect we offer you or just the community with all kind of events.
Any official (which are listed below) is able to help you in case you need something. Once you are registered on our forums we will validate your account as soon as possible [Image: wink.gif]

[Image: 28tz62p.png]
[Image: Crown8.gif]Darkruler633 (Bas)

[Image: K5wPV0v.gif]Bolern
[Image: K5wPV0v.gif]Carl
[Image: K5wPV0v.gif]Jordy
[Image: K5wPV0v.gif]Michael
[Image: K5wPV0v.gif]Splodge

[Image: 23j5ufp.png]
To join Forsaken there are basically no requirements which you need to have ingame. We do however ask for several stats when doing PvP or PvM with us, depending on the activities itself.
Skilling and fun events are available to anyone, so even as a level 60 you could join us.

General requirements which you need to meet in order to get accepted:
- Must have Discord
- Be active on forums/Discord
- Follow our rules
- Don't be a moron

We don't ask for a high activity in order to get accepted as a full Member, but we do ask some sort of activity. You can pick for yourself in what way you obtain your activity.

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Link without Discord client:
If you have the Discord client use this as your invite:
Goodluck recruiting guys... Forsaken always did have an amazing community and was a pleasure to be apart of it at the time i was.
gl recruiting
gl fsk
As much as I disliked your clan Im glad you guys came back. Good luck with everything.
GL with recruiting FSK
Good luck recruiting
Good luck, Forsaken. As corny as you guys are, I hope you do well and help keep the wilderness active.
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Good luck with your recruiting!
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