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Full Version: Violent Resolution | 110+ Combat | est 2006
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Clan Chat: VR_Clan Chat
VR Twitter:
VR Twitch:
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Founded in 2006, VR was a merge between Hostile and Awaken and against all odds VR has achieved over a decade of success and is one of the only clans still standing today to of not closed and to be pulling enough to compete with most clans in this current era.
Currently VR pk on a daily basis and we thrive on having one of the best community's in the game, unless you have been VR you can never understand what we have here. We are more than just a RS clan and our community runs deeper than people imagine. Some of us have been here for all 10 years. Many for the vast majority of that time. Our core member-base is the epitome of loyalty. Our allegiance to VR is unbreakable.
VR do all kinds of events.. this ranges from PVM or PVP on a daily basis and we constantly aim to be as active as possible even with the state of the current clan world.
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Clan Ranks:
Leader - Mike-Cera
Warlord - Kaochinx27
Pk Leader - Dj Av Valeni
Council - Nodari, Sparze, RJ Deathlord
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Clan Requirements:
110+ Combat
85+ Magic
Must Have an invite by Member+
115+ Combat
85+ Magic
Minimum of 14 days as a recruit
Both of these requirements also require you to be active within our community so that being the forums,ts,discord and ingame.
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Useful Info:
History of Violent Resolution
VR turns 12:
VR est 2006:
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VR Awards:
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gl recruiting
GL VR Gamers
Best of luck.
Gl recruiting
Gl Vr
Good luck on your recruiting, bug guys!
Good luck recruiting for your clan Violent Resolution!
Hey I tried to join the clan chat but had no luck. Anyways good luck Smile
Gl Cera and friends