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Full Version: ~Overwatch Thread~
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Overwatch Community Thread

Hey guys! Felt like we could use a page for anything Overwatch-related, a
good place to exchange names, post videos, etc. A few other people in the community, as
well as myself, get together regularly to play, and we invite anyone from here to play
with us!

Battle Tags:
Myself: Geo#11518
Manga Scraps: Manga#1499

Post your tags below and I can add you to the OP group
Zybez Runescape Help

Normally, we use our own Discords for voice chat, which you can ask either Manga or I for the link, If we do possibly get more people into this we can ask for a separate voice channel in the RSC official Discord.

It's a fine day for some Mayhem!

Cannot wait for the lego overwatch
(10-07-2018, 08:49 PM)The duck Wrote: [ -> ]Cannot wait for the lego overwatch

I want my little lego Junkrat
The game is still fun for me. Like Geo said, I run a group every Saturday sometimes Sunday to play Overwatch for a few hours, if anyone wants to play but just don't have anyone to play with.