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Full Version: #01 Misrepresented
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The Reddit community was under a storm as there was terrible drama involving RoT and Mod Jed. The community itself took aim at how clans have no honor, and should be quote unquote “banned entirely” from the game. Now, obviously these people don’t know about the clan world. Hell these people seem like they’ll vote a dictatorship into office cause they’re so one sided. 

Now I understand they hate Clans mainly due to Dead Man Mode which they are calling “Clan” man mode, which is retarded. These people that are annoyed with clans are the ones that solo pk and hope there’s no interruptions in their fight. They believe a game mode that HAS multi mode shouldn't have any clans which specialize in multi fights. Does this make sense? Hell no. Dead man mode, a good mode, is a mode where people start off with 0. Think of the hunger games, essentially that’s what this is after all. Start off with nothing, make something, join forces and start to terminate everyone else til you become the last one standing. If these solo rs players truly thought that clans should be banned, then shame on them.

All clans are under fire after the actions of one stupid, tarred reputation clan. It’s very unfortunate that all clans must suffer cause of a few dumb asses. Now, I encourage all clans here and now. Join up for dead man mode, and start the invasion there boys. Show all of these solo PKers the perks of joining a clan, show them all the fun in connecting with like minded people who love to PK. Show these outsiders looking in, what it’s like to be apart of a good community. The integrity of the clan world that once stood tall back in the day, is completely shattered. It’d be great to see honor clans come into the game and beat some ass into clans which have no honor code. Remember the significance of WG back in their hey day. They stood up for the guys that got PKed by PKers. They were the anti PKer squad which essentially made them PK (i hope you’re all still with me on that one). It was that mind boggling code which made them great at the time. Look, the loud mouth clans that talk shit, that abuse glitches and bugs, that use ddosing as a tool to win; all of these clans that partake in this, are the clans that represent the community, which isn’t right at all, because nobody nominated them to do so. They just took it and ran with it.

I truly do believe that all these clans that PK on average; VR, DF, VnG, ViT, Liths, etc. All should get involved in DMM and lay down their codes, and represent the clan world to the public the way it should be represented. The clan to fight villainy and tyranny. That was some powerful nerd shit right there. Grow bigger and establish a better clan world for tomorrow. It’s great for recruitment, and if you make it; free advertising for your clan. Why wouldn’t you do it? Create a holy alliance and make it known that you guys are there to wipe the bad representation of the clan community clean .

To also be fair, you guys would have a lot of fun doing it. It’s not like you’re fighting for a ranking, think back to your childhood when playing the game. When you used to PK Clans because they were the enemy of your clan. When you used to create rivalries by taking another clans members, when you used to fight clans for weeks to prove your clan was better. Remember the days of PKing and being proud that your clan eliminated quote unquote “Bad guys”. When you fended off your favorite wildy spot from the quote unquote “invaders” who were really just open cc clans. PK for the fun again, in DMM where you guys have good resources to recruit nonstop. Perhaps change the perspective from Clan Loyalty to Temporary Team Effort. Figure out the how to join and requirements for it. Perhaps lower the requirements to 0 and recruit people who are, i dunno, actually interested in joining a clan to meet people?  It is DMM after all

That’s my thoughts for this week. What do you guys think? Should the clan world fully invade DMM and show the public what this community is really about? Should the pursuit for a better clan world be a long enduring one in DMM? Should all these clans recruit in DMM where combat level requirements don’t matter, and it’s just about joining a clan you full on connect with?

Let me know folks. Cya around.
The issue most people in VNG seem to have with DMM is that for finals you pretty much have to play non stop for a full week with very little sleep. That's not viable for most fully employed adults (unless your job is streaming)
Can you change the font color I use dark mode and can’t read it.
DMM was a mistake.
In all honesty I agree with wee man being an older member of the community I don’t have the time to spend 16 hours a day on dmm for a week straight. Would be nice to see more clans involved but can’t blame them for not wanting to put that time in.
DMM, Raids and other activities cause a player to use another FC. This segregates that clan member from his/her clan. Dividing communities is not a good thing. We needed Clan Chat before all this mess of content.