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Full Version: VNG Sunday & Monday Night Out
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VNG Mike Wrote:So much for Retirement eh? So we honestly dropped the ball a bit on planning events for the week (our bad!), so to make up for it, I brainstormed some event ideas while I was driving home from work. I came up with two ideas for our gamers who decided to attend. We started out doing a Dharok Death Train, which was tons of banter and was ultimately won by VnG Kneeled. Afterwards, we squaded up in our Viking Gear to have a Viking miniwar which was won by the team of VnG Kneeled, ^Marvels, Pur3 Str0ng2, Dunkz, Tye, and myself. After a while, Eric suggested a small man PK Trip, which turned out to be very profitable indeed. Needless to say, this was tons of fun and really spiced things up for community events, thanks to all who participated! With the weekend out of the way, things got back to normal in VNG, and we decided to spend our Canadian Thanksgiving feasting on the Caves instead of Poutine. We ran the show for the duration of our trip, owning just about everyone who was out, filling our banks with loot, and our TeamSpeak with good vibes and plenty of fun.

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