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Full Version: Brain's OSRS Progress Log (updated 29 Dec 2018)
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Hey everyone! I had a progress thread on Zybez ( in which I progressed from roughly 1150 total, 90 combat, and 70 slayer to 1881 total, 118 combat, and untrimmed slayer. Here, I'll post about what I have been and will be up to post-slayer.

Latest update:

36: December 2018 - 29 December 2018

Hello again. I've been playing quite a bit lately and spending more time in zchat. I'm starting to push up there and maxing my main is starting to look like something I could actually do, though I'm still not all that close. I also spent some on my side accounts.

[Image: 93JXyfa.png]

Here we are, getting close to base 80s and already past 2k. I encountered an old friend and he looked me up, said it felt weird to see me as a high level player. I still don't feel that way, but maybe I'm a little out of touch. I think I have most of my methods picked out for future leveling.

RC: zeah, maybe astrals/nats  
Agility: from other things, then roofs  
Thieving: mostly swimming, maybe some profit pickpocketing or plunder  
Mining: mostly volcanic of course, but I'll also try blast mine and the upcoming minigame  
Smithing: I still have no method that's fast and doesn't suck, but thankfully dart tips are afk as heck. I'll probably try non-gold BF, hate that just as much as gold, then fall back on dart tips with some platebodies sprinkled in.  
Fishing: barb, maybe drift net, maybe aerial when it comes out  
Hunter: This one's the most up in the air. I still want to try drift net fishing a little more, and aerial fishing coming out soon will surely shake up my plans if it's good. There's also herbiboar, which I have a feeling I'll like but I can't really be sure until I try. I don't mind chins either but that's a lot of youtube watching. Pretty much all I can really be sure of is birdhouses, even tears will probably go to smithing pretty soon.  
Everything else: Typical/meta methods

I finally got 100% favour in all five houses and also got a xeric's talisman along the way. If I ever got an ancient tablet, it would make getting to chambers a lot easier but I guess I just have to be patient and use a spirit tree and mine cart combo for now. Speaking of teleports, I also got what amounts to a max house for my needs. I have a gilded nexus with all the teleports I regularly use, plus a few slots to spare and a mounted digsite amulet. I also have an ornate pool/box and an occult altar, wish I'd finished it off sooner. No mouse movement oak doors are 420k an hour, pretty braindead, and cheap since... oak. Something else I wish I'd done sooner is turael/duradel point boosting. I could have spent a lot less time on tasks I'm not a huge fan of, reached slayer point unlocks way sooner, and spent less time trying to jam cannonballs into a few tasks that weren't really meant to be cannoned. On the other side I'd probably still be working on it and I likely wouldn't have made as much money, so there are big upsides to what I did do.

I'm up to about 280m bank value after a little alting, scattered profit from skills, vorkath and slayer, and a duo acp. Tbow's not even on the horizon yet, but who knows? I might get lucky a few times raiding, and I'll surely keep moving up overall except for when I decide to go for the big buyables. I expect my bank to go up steadily as I do post-99 boss slayer for the collection log! I'm also planning to get a lance and then go on a dragon slaying spree to finish melee once alchemical hydra is out, might end up selling any claw drops and waiting a while to get my own if they're super expensive on release. No interesting big purchases lately, I'm just holding on to things I used to sell/buy as I needed them like torture/anguish/sgs/dpick/hasta. I do have a ton of fletching supplies to use while swimming and enough sharks banked for 99 cooking though!

I completed several of the short/medium term goals I had earlier, so as usual I'll change em up a bit.  
Very long term: max total, complete slayer boss collection log.  
Long term: complete all quests/diaries, infernal cape, jad/kbd pets, twisted bow.  
Medium term: base 80s, 99 cooking, 91 fishing, acquire dragon hunter lance, max combat sans prayer.  
Short term: 99 strength, bank up 2500 points before hydra, finish remaining hard diaries


[Image: Sh1Yz3S.png]

I went through another bond on it, mostly knocking out quest req skills/quests. I've had this pipe dream of making it also be a sick 1 pray/def pure but honestly I haven't solo pked in like 8 years so why should I let that hold me back? I grit my teeth and got 2 def, then the floodgates finally opened.

Ammonite crabs are exactly what I expected, very good for these levels but less afk than nmz would be at a higher level, I still want to try swamp crabs. Canifis roofs are as busted as I expected and then some when you afk for a minute or two most laps, buying amylase would end up being 200k an hour from marks at that pace. I also slayed a bunch, mostly safespot ranging with dorg c'bow.

I did black knight's fortress, dig site, lost city, merlin's crystal, hazeel cult, ernest the chicken, bone voyage, restless ghost, priest in peril, nature spirit, fairy tale part 1, and recruitment drive. I just blasted through them, having done most of them several times over the years already. I did think a few things were interesting though. The fights were a lot easier than they should be now that I understand tiles and ticks and whatnot better. Why does the camelot castle have not only a demonic summoning place on its grounds, but even nice topiary around it? Why does fairy nuff not just take the queen's secateurs herself? Why does one misclick have to be enough to doom you during recruitment drive?

If I were to commit to playing a moneymaking alt, I'd most likely transition from btp to bbd (say that five times fast); I got a little over 700k an hour trying a very easy - 90 minutes between banking - method on my main: crushing bones, leaving hides, alching non-stackables, no range prayer. After a little soul searching I realized I don't want to go for the moneymaking alt playstyle though. I'd rather spend my extra attention on studying when I would have enough time to alt comfortably, and I'd rather focus 100% on the main when I'm doing something fun enough to play more intensively. Most things that are outside those categories are things I just don't want to do. I'll still play it if I do things in which an alt is a huge direct benefit, or to do quests with friends if my main has them done already, but I'm probably not going to play my alt much overall, it's just not for me.


[Image: QUblWde.png]

We now join the following program already in progress. I made an ironman (pre-hardcore btw) a couple years ago. I realized I'd rather play normie mode way back then, and that hasn't changed. When the alt-pure pipe dream was at its worst though, I logged on to train it up to be ready to do def/pray req/reward quests, but then I got my head on straight. I figured I'd just mention that I have one. If I ever get bored of my main in the distant future, I'll try ironman mode and dig through old screenshots to give it a proper intro, or maybe start a new one since it's been so long. Even more so than the alt though, I'm not going to be playing the iron in the near future.

Previous updates:

35: Fall 2018 - 18 November 2018

To be honest, I'm running out of good ideas for entry titles. I had a lot of fun coming up with those but now things take so long I can hardly dedicate an update to one thing. Anyways, here are my stats now:

[Image: DU1tOTr.png]

It really doesn't feel like my total should have gone up by like 36, but a few here and there adds up. Most notably, I finally got 77 rc, a full graceful set, and 10 levels at volcanic mine. Blood runecrafting is about exactly what I expected, and I can definitely see myself spending more time there especially when my studies ramp up two months from now. I finally made peace with agility, either making darts or watching youtube to cut back on the boredom depending on what I felt like, and stopped once I had enough marks for the set. I also unlocked b2p and finished off a mage level in the process, the second time being much quicker than the first. Last but not least, I got 4 hunter levels at red chins in the private area. I planned to tick manipulate and practice a bit there and then transfer to black chins, but I quickly found that I much preferred to throw up youtube and just watch for fallen/filled traps out of the corner of my eye. 30 minutes of chemistry tutorials or whatever later, and I suddenly have 500k for basically no effort, it's nice.

I found a new contender for my favorite skilling minigame in Volcanic Mine after getting a little better at it. It's not bad in a group, getting the best non tick manipulation xp as far as I know without too much effort. Solo is where I feel it really shines; reading up on the information woox gathered in his solo guide, trying various changes to it and refining my method, and just having to think and actually play a game to train make solo vm a blast for me. I can actually manage slightly more xp alone than in a group for now, too! I would encourage anyone reading to give it ago if you get sick of granite or want quicker xp than mlm. I got the top mlm floor unlocked btw, decent improvement but I don't think I'll use it until I run out of other afk things since I have vm for mining.

I haven't done much in terms of quests or the like, but I did get a torso! I went with a friend of mine who made things much less painful, especially by helping me with defender. For the first 5 waves I had been trying to drop food holding shift, innocent mistake right?

My bank's at about 235m right now. Even though I spent a decent chunk on herblore and fletching, I got more back from slayer, kingdom, mining, rc, and hunter. I also got about 1m worth of dks bones from doing most of a task there now that I finally was able to boost for fremennik elite.

I still have mostly the same long/mid term goals, although the short term stuff's going to be a little different. I still have 87 wc on the radar, but I'm sort of grasping for straw trying to think of anything else. I think I'll go with 85 mining, the minigame/sidequest requirements for elites (black knights, 5 in all BA roles, 1k chompy kills), and 77 smithing. After getting that smithing, I just have to get 88 herblore to have all my non-combats above my rs3 levels, which is kinda neat. After that I think I'll use master clue step requirements as a goal stepping stone before elite requirements where applicable.

34: Summer - 15 October 2018 

I've still been playing since June, but at a reduced rate due to burnout and irl stuff being nuts for a while. Both of those are basically gone now though! I have a lot to cover so this will be a long one. Here are my current stats:

[Image: Ag1YjUE.png]

Skilling: I've tried a few new skilling methods here and there I'd like to talk about, anything unmentioned is just something I already went on about earlier or some well known meta method.

Melee - I've done some post-99 slayer for most of it but I also came across something I never thought of: NMZ normal customizable rumble with absorption potions. It's as afk as guthans with more xp and no cost, just wear your best melee gear, pick weak bosses, and refill absorbtion points/repot every 15-19 mins. I've been getting about 4x the points spent on absorbs back so I can even do this and get some herb boxes later if I want.

Runecrafting - I tried the arceuus library without imp boxes shortly after last update, and I was able to manage about 2k more xp/h than zmi, it was actually fun for a little while but it wore out quick. I might try it again soon with imp boxes. I also tried lavas again and managed less than zmi, I'm just too slow... Every step on the road to 77 helps though! I also tried zmi with my alt running essence for me as well, not worth the extra effort to be honest.

Agility/Thieving - I gave the underwater tears thing a shot, and it wasn't that bad. I'm a sucker for training methods that feel like actually playing a game, and the xp wasn't even bad, like 25k agility and 80k thieving. I stopped at 400 tears, but I'll probably do more of that after I have full graceful (someday...)

Hunter/Fishing - I underrated the xp/h of black salamanders, did those from 67-70 to finally finish base 70s! I also overrated monkfish, still not bad but I think I'd prefer the extra agility/fishing xp per hour over the gp. I also tried drift net fishing. It's somewhat intensive but not repeating the exact same motions over and over. It also breaks even and got me in the ballpark of 60k hunter and 50k fishing per hour, breaking even. I could probably push that even higher if I didn't bank the fish and got better at it. Birdhouses are great too by the way!

Mining - Volcanic mine was a lot of fun, it's hard to find people who play it though Sad I also tried iron in the guild, not bad but a little stressful getting crashed by bots constantly, even on total worlds. Motherlode looks like the way forward for me, for now.

WC - I don't know if I mentioned this already, but sulliuscep mushrooms are awesome. Almost 80k xp/h with no tick manipulation, loads of fossils (I'm like 2 large off a full museum now), and it's actually somewhat engaging.

Bank/pvm: I tallied up my bank and it came to just shy of 180M after 99 slayer, and now it's at around 220M. A lot of that came from bossing that I'd been avoiding due to hp xp. I had the chance to borrow a twisted bow for a short while too, which had the effect of getting me a little extra money but also luring me into blowing 20m on inferno attempts, probably evens out overall though! Another thing worth mentioning is that I sold my DHCB at 120m since I wasn't really feeling the Vorkath grind and wanted to spend some money on buyables and other things that I had before like sgs/zenytes.

Mole - Finally got the Falador hard done, it's just like pre-eoc now! Fun fact, I got my first whip by killing the giant mole and using a terrorbird to follow it, recharge run, and hold stuff. I did some kills with the bow and it was even easier, I could see myself going for the pet like that for sure.
KQ - not super fun, but I got a head for the diary Smile

DKS - Super fun, I really want to get the fremennik elite diary done for the bones to help mitigate bad luck streaks (for example, if I went a few trips and got 3 warrior rings and 2 seerculls with no berserker/archer rings, something hypothetical like that)

Zamorak - Got myself a hilt on my first kill on old school, might go back since hasta's rising, unfortunately I didn't try using twisted bow there.

Bandos - I've done a few trips with a friend of mine, it's even easier than I remember pre-eoc, got a 3 way tassets split too.

Saradomin - Easy with the bow, decent trip lengths, a little slower than I'd like with crossbow but I don't feel the need to skip the task that's for sure.

Armadyl - Lots of damage with the bow, still need to get the hang of extending trips though. I might go ahead and unlock aviansie tasks and invest some more time to get better at it.

Zulrah - I have to admit I was still falling behind now and then even with tbow, but it was a lot easier and less stressful. I still probably won't grind out a ton of Zulrah kills any time soon, but it wasn't bad.

Skotizo - I had 23 totems banked up, and I blew through almost all of them before I realized he has a guaranteed hard clue drop. Oh well, I still got a dark claw, 34 ancient shards, and 3.7m out of it!

Sire - Definitely faster with the bow, but not much different really. I could see doing another bludgeon there, even at a normal drop rate.

Thermy - Super chill with an alt. I tried the tele to house every kill method, it wasn't working out. Also tried staying and walking under, not bad but not ideal. Parking my alt at castle wars to do bank skills and run sharks/ppots and bank loot though, that was great.

KBD - Super easy and super chill with tbow or dhcb, might spend some time there with dragon hunter lance once it comes out too. I got a head to recolor my helm to match my cape, and I kinda want to spend more time there since I think the pet's my second favorite behind the Jad pet.

Scorpia - I was looking for something to do with a Crashbash aside from quests, and we ended up doing Scorpia for a while, kinda forgettable but not that bad. A little interactivity having to freeze and run without being incredibly click intensive, again not that bad.

Corp - I was looking for something else to do with him, and I settled on dropping corp to nothing with specs and then killing it with him. Not very fun, but very easy at least. I wouldn't grind out a thousand kills like that, but I wouldn't mind doing it in a trio if at least 2 of us could spec.

Quests/Diaries/Misc: I did a few quests with Crashbash again, but not all of the screenshots saved properly so we may have done one or two more than I have here (I think I got em all though). We did Ratcatchers together, and it was a pain at first; his cat got too old to hunt when we finally got through the outdoor stealth bit, and we gave up for the night. We came back later the next day and finished it though! Another one we did was Between a Rock, which was nothing special aside from confusing the boatman with the ferryman, a few broken cutscenes, and him being recognized as a ranger at the end when it's his lowest combat skill by far. Speaking of graphics glitches, we also did Cold War; those penguin suits do some weird things. After that I went on to do Grim Tales by myself for the Falador diary. It's hard to put my finger on exactly why, but I really enjoyed that one. It had a little bit of everything, I guess. I currently have all hard diaries except Ardy/Desert/Lumbridge done, and no elites.

Alt: I had the bright idea of turning my alt into a b2p alt. I went from making 120k an hour on it to a little over 300k an hour, so maybe in the long run it was worth it. After bonds/construction/mage training arena runes I ended up making about 8m from it over the summer, not sure if it was worth the effort. Still, if I ever have a period of my life where I'm consistently playing literally 5 hours a day maybe I'll bond it up again.

Going forward, my long term goals are diary cape, max combat, and buying a twisted bow. Medium term goals for now are 750 tasks, the rest of the hard diaries, 77 rc, 84 con (boost for full portal nexus), and full graceful. My short term goals are unlocking the top floor at mlm, unlocking b2p (second time is easier, right?) and getting 87 wc to boost for the upcoming elite diary.
Added update 35, what I've been up to since mid-October!
Nice update, seems like you've made a nice chunk of progress.
Maybe wait for the Kourend diary update to come out so you can get the runecrafting benefits that it offers? And since you said you're grasping at straws to think of some other short term goals, maybe go for the varrock elite diary so you can get the 120 daily battlestaffs?
(11-20-2018, 01:27 AM)I Love You Wrote: [ -> ]Nice update, seems like you've made a nice chunk of progress.
Maybe wait for the Kourend diary update to come out so you can get the runecrafting benefits that it offers? And since you said you're grasping at straws to think of some other short term goals, maybe go for the varrock elite diary so you can get the 120 daily battlestaffs?

I should check by here more often, sorry I didn't respond. I forgot about the Kourend diary's benefit until you reminded me, that's a good idea, especially since I should be able to complete it on release. I have plenty of not-rc stuff to fill time until then anyways! Varrock elite would definitely be nice, I think I'll do it in late January. I'll have time to kill hydra and use lance and spend some of the profit on herblore, then during the semester I can pull out ol' reliable, dart tips and studying.