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Full Version: WG's Night Out Feat. Mercy CC, Wild Might
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[Image: hPOKncz.png]

Two videos for yall today!

Vid one is of our fights up in deep wild. We had a brief scrap with Wild Might and got in a few nice KOs, but their superior levels and skill quickly proved too much for us. Still a good fight - maybe we'll be able to challenge you guys again in the near future Wink

We also had several skirmishes with the new Mercy CC, giving them their first ever battle! At one point they even managed to clear us (though WG won 2 out of 3 encounters) - as with our fight with RBH earlier this week, it's always nice to fight a group that's on par with us. Great fights, and definitely looking forward to seeing more of you guys in the future!

Second video is when we decided to hit up the Rev Caves after, and is one of my usual style vids, more casual and humourous. Lots of fun was had and lots of loot collected, including a normal whip from some idiot who was too busy flaming us to keep his prayer up, and a few small teams were cleared as well.

Good little fight
Mercy has been around over a year, this iteration of it seems to be more pvp focused than when I was in mercy. In any case congrats on the night out and action.