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Full Version: This shit is already dead
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Rather than saying it's dead, you could instead contribute and make threads, reply to posts, maybe even spread the word. Negativity doesn't fix anything.
Did any mod tried to reach other clans officials and try to convince them to post here?
at least its free apart from w13's small hosting/domain costs
Believe it
Dead or not, I enjoy posting here and will do for a long time. If you continuously make positive threads, replies and view most threads it will increase its population.
Also anyone with any Twitch/Youtube friends would it be possible to get the community a shoutout? With the way the community works nowadays if we could get a shoutout from one of the dominant streamers or up-loader's it could result in a spike in activity.
It was never meant to replace the old forum. Simply a place for people to come back and reminisce.
The board is only as good as the people posting in it. If you want to keep it alive it's a team effort.
You can't kill a forum completely if it still allows posting. :-D That's the beauty of a forum compared to chatroom-style formats. An IRC chat dies the moment people stop talking. There are Usenet forums from the 90s that are still online (and occasionally contain useful info).

Anyways, our goal isn't to try to make this into a hustling bustling forum like it was in 2007 for example. We just want a place to hang out and stay in touch with 'Scape buddies without adding them on social media (... they may be murderers).
like all your clans lmfao!
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