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Full Version: [OSRS] Red Blade Hunters Community - Est. 2005
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The Red Blade Hunters offer a unique experience to escape an otherwise monotonous clan world. Whether you are new to the game or are a veteran, the Red Blade Hunters community has plenty to offer that will ultimately enhance your game-play experience. We are the perfect community to join if you: enjoy Runescape based competitions and events, enjoy either skilling, PvM, or PvP, and most importantly, if you want to make long-lasting friendships with others who play Runescape. Already in a clan? No problem! We allow multi-clanning and would be more than happy to have you be a part of the Red Blade Hunters Community!

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RBH formed in 2005 and built a community consisting of a strong core of members which allowed it to thrive for over 7 years. Through those years we primarily focused on warring other clans, but never took ourselves too seriously and never lost sight of the things that made Runescape fun. Whether it's making the fall in leader rage by binding him on PK trips, our primary caller taking a speed dump as the CWA timer ticks down before a war, spending countless nights in tinychat, or god wars and corp trips where the primary goal was to have a good time, since the day we started we’ve dedicated ourselves to improving the time our members spend on Runescape. RBH is a community clan that will prioritize having a fun, laid-back atmosphere at various events which will include PVP, PVM, Skilling, and whatever else we and our members want to do. If you're too low combat to fully enjoy any events, don't despair! We host training competitions that award huge prizes to those who gain the most experience, as an incentive to train their accounts. In the 3 years since RBH closed its doors (2012 - 2015), our members have remained unusually close with over 20 members in our whatsapp group (talking way too much), and many continuing to play RuneScape and other games together. This is what we will be bringing to RBH 2.0: a tight-knit but inclusive community that will forge bonds that last far longer than this game.

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As of now, RBH has no requirements and welcomes members of all levels. We only require that you play OSRS and intend on contributing to the community by actively hanging out in the clan chat and participating in discussions on our Discord. If you find yourself playing other games as well, you're more than welcome to join our community, who from time to time experiment with games other than OSRS. We do not currently use forums and do not enforce event attendance to allow you maximum flexibility with how you want to play your account. To put it simply, our goal is to build a community of individuals who look to have fun playing the game in the fashion they desire while benefiting the community to their fullest extent. Once you enter our Discord server and thumb through our rules, you'll find the application. Simply fill it out and you'll begin your two week trial period in the community. The trial period is a mutual process that assesses whether or not you're a good fit for the clan. To get started, join our discord here:

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Since RBH has such a large number of players from multiple timezones and places, we have events at varying times to cater to all our members schedules. Because of how diverse our memberbase is, we have an active Discord server that allows members to connect even if they cannot be on at the same time. In addition, we have bi-weekly skilling competitions that allow you to play and compete for prizes when it's convenient for you. On our Discord server we encourage our members to utilize the voice chat feature to connect with others; this helps ease the pain of training click intensive tasks. We like to communicate with each other in every way possible to create a responsive atmosphere, which is why we emphasize the necessity of having an active Discord and Clan Chat. I'm sure after reading that, you're probably thinking "this is unlike any other recruitment topic I've ever read", and that's because we have a community unlike any you've ever witnessed. The reason we've re-opened is because we want to expand our community, and build upon what we've already established. If this sounds like the clan for you, then please, don't hesitate, and join today! We have no combat or total level requirements, so whether you're a killer or a skiller, whether you're a veteran or new to OSRS, whether you're an ironman, pure, or anything in between, you're welcome in RBH. We allow multi-clanning, and we hope that you decide to become part of the Red Blade Hunters clan today!

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Staff: sk8erpunk193, E ric, Maiden Plank, Jimera0, Oblv Neo, ItscarterD, Nyk X1, Arbeee.

We look forward to seeing you soon! Please feel free to introduce yourself in our clan chat (RBH) or on our Discord Server.
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