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Full Version: Forsaken's Thursday pk trip(s)
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Forsaken's pk trip
25 October
Michael hosted a pk aiming to put some money in the looting bags. Had a battle against few little teams, nothing special.

[Image: VmNEgsm.png]

[Image: fqJckZx.png]
[Image: hUOpsCk.png]
[Image: VDAieVD.png]
[Image: N2sMokK.png]
[Image: uql68GL.png]
[Image: QmzpOGv.png]
[Image: y7WqJ8i.png]
[Image: gQ28AE0.png]
[Image: L0xEDsn.png]
[Image: pQkRPVM.png]
[Image: 8ezwGzk.png]
[Image: 0Sqtc4p.png]
[Image: fUVS6TH.png]
[Image: Cdxf5sx.png]
[Image: R0tozLu.png]
[Image: 0hp0epc.png]
[Image: weMrES7.png]
[Image: kES7Bta.png]
[Image: DM0CqhI.png]
[Image: dhncBYq.png]
[Image: fFecTKb.png]
[Image: 6v7mG2c.png]
[Image: PyiVQYH.png]
[Image: aS1UWnD.png]
[Image: oZqbNPB.png]
[Image: hsBuJnu.png]
[Image: Mq9dGSO.png]
[Image: qp27cwj.png]
[Image: PCbnAeV.png]
[Image: exzRZa7.png]
[Image: v5XNq8c.png]
[Image: 2QYVWqr.png]
[Image: UCzhekR.png]
[Image: 36Q4L3x.png]
[Image: ywDMC7k.png]
[Image: ImWMcgc.png]
[Image: 3JgeYW1.png]
[Image: 7fsyFQ5.png]
[Image: WFP0NWx.png]
[Image: WHYJrWr.png]
[Image: 3n9pdIT.png]
[Image: jba780B.png]
[Image: OgEVR2a.png]
[Image: VGvCU7H.png]
[Image: udr41My.png]
[Image: CSATyd5.png]
[Image: Vdr6cwL.png]
[Image: do3UJAX.png]
[Image: G5YMxNt.png]
[Image: IIhlvTO.png]
[Image: PmoHgII.png]
[Image: 54SfC3e.png]
[Image: UXMwlQg.png][Image: Qr2KfY1.png]
[Image: 93lf6er.png]
[Image: JARKaJ1.png][Image: m90p8bp.png]
[Image: Gu0wZ7l.png]
[Image: UXMwlQg.png]
[Image: wgjrK2G.png]
[Image: rgbD1jg.png]
[Image: ZUs1Gvz.png]
[Image: TKpWCxN.png]
[Image: ZYxxdSJ.png]
[Image: j0QmWoJ.png]
[Image: XB5IFr9.png][Image: Z3uWE5p.png]
[Image: 9Hqa05C.png]
[Image: rzhCGlG.png]
[Image: HRwdBM0.png]
[Image: chDRRKb.png]
[Image: 3A9h3um.png]
[Image: KWAFwJD.png]
[Image: FIil3aR.png]
[Image: gjJYCG0.jpg]
[Image: z5JgpJc.png]
[Image: sg3fpiY.png]
[Image: qeiwtBw.png]
[Image: 6xBLbGG.png]
[Image: rfUL3k9.png]
[Image: 1c19Gfv.png]
[Image: WF04StP.png]
[Image: WsxMDkF.png]
[Image: WVlbZkW.png]
[Image: Kk2EmY9.jpg]
[Image: NKX9yD9.jpg]

[Image: VmNEgsm.png]

After our regular pk trip, some boys decided to go on slaying revs, while killing everyone they saw in their world.
Some more cash was obtained as seen below.

[Image: f4Nn3Hc.png]
[Image: TtUFUmn.png]
[Image: CIFYOD8.png]
[Image: 4Mlw4z2.png]
[Image: LTaMjVF.png]
[Image: MZ0VsQx.png]
[Image: Ps6rD04.png]
[Image: IvxoNfx.png]
[Image: hFfxBlg.png]
[Image: YqbRBOA.png]
[Image: lbGXFv1.png]
[Image: 8ybuKmK.png]
[Image: 8NJ26HG.png]
[Image: zCImVxz.png]
[Image: LMfFhqS.png]

[Image: VmNEgsm.png]

Big loots, sickest community clan out there m8s
Looked fun and some nice loot. Congrats!
FSK still alive? wewew