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Have you ever been scammed?

I remember falling for the good old trust trade scams back in the day. Pretty much you traded your most valuable items to the scammer, he would then trade it back, and whoever had the most valuable ones would "win" 10M. I lost full rune.
Gave my first rune set to an armour trimmer  Cry
Circa 2005, prior to the wilderness ditch and when running from Edgeville to the monastery meant you had to go through the wilderness. I was selling something at Edgeville, was pmed by someone who said he wanted to buy and told me to come to the monastery, and you know. RIP 400k.
I want my uncut sapphire's not fair..
I remember when scamming was the thing back in the day, I sold a weeks worth of yew logs for about 3004 gp.
Same thing happened to me but I was super lucky. Soon as the "buyer" left, Jagex did a roll-back. I got my logs back.
I'd been playing about a month in 2006 and some guy comes up to me and asks me to come see a rare lava monster that just spawned, he walked me into the wild and dropped me for full iron Sad.

I also fell for the "buying obscure item for 5m, selling obscure item for 1m" scam in fally once, it was some gnome food item I'd never seen or heard of.
I don't think I've fallen for any scams, my brother and someone I knew played it so they were already wise to the scams so I was saved by them, thankfully.
Back in 2006-- A couple weeks before the Construction skill was released, I loaned a "friend" my Ahrims + Whip to use at Castle Wars. Never got it back after that session. :/

In the same year I got scammed with a coin swap for a high valued item while trying to merch. I don't remember what it was. Maybe a Whip? Whips at the time were just a little over 3M.

Aside from those two incidents, I didn't fall for any other scams. I smartened up and became way more careful after that...
I fell for the old Lumbridge Swamp dungeon scam where someone gives you a candle and tells you to wear your best stuff or bring your cash with you and takes you down in the dungeon and your candle goes out and the bugs kill you lol.
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