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Full Version: Forsaken's pk trip 1 Nov
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Forsaken's GMT PK TRIP
1st November 2018

[Image: VmNEgsm.png]

We went out and smoked Snail's, little cards cc + some Lithos and the casual little teams/loot out there until about 11 PM GMT.

Sneaky kill from Cedric on a imp:

[Image: FDcGnkA.png]

[Image: Wu0s4b8.png][Image: GuQKJ9M.jpg][Image: a4zTv06.png][Image: 20mCDzy.png][Image: G2SxvqC.png][Image: alWdtBX.png][Image: hvhJvbo.png][Image: hvhJvbo.png][Image: lnZdeBX.png][Image: oKY4gQC.png][Image: MHviftl.png][Image: 2chnypl.png][Image: YgRVBjW.png][Image: A102EN0.png][Image: gKWV0jU.png][Image: pFkBaVT.png][Image: ElfFokM.png][Image: gauh0JK.png]

[Image: ElfFokM.png]

[Image: P92qn2Q.png]

[Image: 31jne4R.png]

[Image: VnVbh3D.png]

[Image: N4sTZD8.png]

[Image: h92k9cH.png]

[Image: 5BX9yV5.png]

[Image: uTSfoYe.png]

[Image: ZDYvutM.png]

[Image: sfMvQiz.png]

[Image: C4FYgmU.png]

[Image: exQd8Ts.png]

[Image: oMm2SZL.png]

[Image: 1u761RO.png]

[Image: 4aaREev.png]

[Image: Hh8dtfX.png]

[Image: HadGr28.png]

[Image: C0OnVC1.png]

[Image: TknO9uI.png]

[Image: vrB7uPz.png]

[Image: zeCAX43.png]

[Image: zeCAX43.png]

[Image: 004ZHGD.png]

[Image: Mi0JF7G.png]

[Image: p6eE1ge.png]

[Image: dhI5K9G.png]

[Image: o511oNH.png]

[Image: E4fg1LC.png]

[Image: KCwXhFj.png]

[Image: 1RSwwwy.png]

[Image: 2fE0IS4.png]

[Image: MDOEvj2.png]

[Image: dp5A9ST.png]

[Image: zzgd4ZR.png]

[Image: lPFHYqo.png]

[Image: Fs7RaMD.png]

[Image: 5FKiFc9.png]

[Image: UrEAFq4.png]

[Image: o3eCwub.png]

[Image: 8rYAbMM.png]

[Image: VmNEgsm.png]

Thanks for the action & loot