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Full Version: If you had 6 months to do whatever you want
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If you had a period of 6 months to go anywhere (or nowhere) and do whatever you want, what would it be? 

It can be any activity or job or holiday or whatever. All paid for so cost isn't a factor.
It would be fun to see and experience the wonders that most of us only see through a TV or monitor. A friend of mine got in an RV and traveled to most of the US Nat'l Parks. That sounds like fun. I would probably go treasure hunting at the various mines for gold and gems such as opals and agates. Maybe I'd buy a burro and a big floppy hat and be a prospector. :p
I would complete my bucket list! I've been fortunate to visit 26 countries so far, but there are at east 15-20 more countries I'll like to explore. I would invest half of the funds given towards donations/family members/friends. I would just eat, eat, and eat, sky diving, swimming with dolphins, and chill with cheetahs.
My first thought was that I actually wouldn't want to take a totally lavish trip like that right now...that I'd want to have something to look forward to over the course of my life as trips to take. I'd almost rather spend it working on a series of self-improvement hobbies like picking up another instrument, or getting better at dancing, or familiarizing myself with more mathematics and machine learning.

But, if it really was all costs paid, then assuming this wasn't a loophole and I could get my friends to go with me, I'd totally do the trip instead. Then, I would be happy to see as much as possible right now, while my friends still have the free time to go sightseeing with me. I'd try to go to as many countries as possible, trying to do the least-touristy/off-the-beaten-path ideas we could consider, to really immerse ourselves in the different cultures.

I'd travel to see my family in Brazil for 3 months and then see my other family in Greece for 3 months. I've never been out of the state or had the financial stability to do so, so those two things would be the first on my list. I don't think I would really want to do anything else besides travel to those places. I plan to eventually go to both of those countries but just can't seem to find the right time in my life to do it.
Torreoria, what you said goes so well with the wheelbarrow that is your profile pic Lol

If I had 6 months to whatever I wanted: it'd be taking a van and transforming it to an off-grid home complete with toilet, solar panels, shower, etc. Then, I'd drive it across Europe and get inspiration along the way for my novel.
I would spend six months in Japan just walking and visiting important monuments and museums. I would also hit up the first ramen shop and discover true good cooked noodles and properly made broth.

I would go to wondrous sushi restaurants and izakuzas and sample magnificent tastings. I would sample delicious plates and dishes at any random place I would happen to stumble upon.

But there is only one place I would not go to.

Not sure if I'd be one for travel, unless my best friend would want to come with me, but I'd definitely be up for spending every waking moment racing to improve my skills. Including going to every Formula One Grand Prix.

I like cars.   Hat