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Full Version: The Wilderness Guardians - Fifteen Years
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[Image: qmREOns.png]
On this day in 2003, a little noob called His Lordship was PKed in the Wilderness, and decided to start a clan to PK PKers, calling it the PK PKs.
Thankfully he quickly realised that name sucked, and changed it to the Wilderness Guardians.
Fifteen years on and that clan is still here today - the oldest clan in Old-School RuneScape.
This is our story.

A very special thank you to the Guardians, past and present, and to the wider clan community for all your support throughout our long history.
It's been an amazing fifteen years. Here's to the next fifteen.

15 years and still going strong Big Grin
very nice grats
Congratulations to WG, and to His Lordship.

The longevity brings him up to the top 5 leaders of all-time conversation.
Where has His Lordship gone?
Oh god
(12-16-2018, 02:11 AM)Kevin Wrote: [ -> ]Where has His Lordship gone?

he narrated the whole video dude
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