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Full Version: Wilderness Guardians - OSRS Clan - Oldest Clan - Optional Events - PvP, PvM and more
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[Image: jazztuE.png]

Are you looking for?
- A stable clan. The oldest in OSRS.
- Frequent but optional events of all types
- A friendly and honourable community
- A modern clan that uses Discord
- A clan that supports OSRS Mobile players

Click to join today

Further Info
RS3 Chat: Wilderness Guardians
RS Forum Thread

Still not convinced? Watch the Video...

Since 2003 this has been a staple clan of Runescape. Glad to see us back at it and recruiting!
Good luck recruiting!
Can't believe you guys are still around. GL.
(09-11-2018, 07:47 AM)Wee Man Wrote: [ -> ]Can't believe you guys are still around. GL.

It's a beautiful thing  Heart
Goodluck recruiting WG
Good luck recruiting, I was a member many moons ago (a few times actually) and though we parted I can say it was fun when I was there.
Golden Age Of Runescape Will Be Back Brother! =)
bump innit