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Full Version: Some Old School Pks (Pre-2007)
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I've decided to share some old school pk pics/random pics I had from my time in 3v0luti0n X. Enjoy!
nice share
Huge thread
(09-10-2018, 10:18 PM)Smile Wrote: [ -> ]nice share
That certainly brings back memories.
Legendary. Miss the friendly Duel arena pvp
I loved the simplicity of old style Pking, now there is all this tick manipulation and switching, I feel a lot is lost despite the style being a lot more complex and varied.
Ahh the good ol days
[Image: F5McQfq.png]

This just gets funnier the longer I look at it. Lol
Nice loot.

Guthan's just looked so much bulkier with the tiny Rune Boots.

Good days b4 Dragon.
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