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Full Version: CLIMAX - xLPC - 45-60 Cmb - NEVER AT THE BOTTOM - PURE CLAN -
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[Image: brRpJ5w.png]

Climax was formed by old dutch and american friends looking to make an impact in this wonderful new xlpc scene. If there's anytime to do something, we've realized the time is now. We've been open for a month now and have been pulling 30 every weekend. Want to join a fun pure clan? Come through.

[Image: sfup3AH.png]

"Cx Hq" CC
Discord: [font=roboto,] Or add Syracuse#9009 to be added to our server.[/font]

[font=roboto,]FOR FULL TOPIC[/font]

[font=roboto,][Image: sfup3AH.png][/font]