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Full Version: Nitromanic - A New Journey
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[Image: XJM6RQp.png]
Proof of Account

[Image: g9tFre8.png]
Let's start off with a little bit of history about myself. Many of you may remember me from my Zybez achievement threads. My largest thread followed the progress of my Pure F2P account Mon Es Tary/Korean which can be found here: Road to 1750 Total. I also had a shorter thread following the progress of an account I created with the aim of achieving the lowest level possible Inferno Adze, you can find that here: Adze Inferno. I found Zybez in March 2012 and started to upload progress in relation to Mon Es Tary from June of that year. Throughout the years since then, I have taken numerous breaks from Runescape but I have always been drawn back to it for one reason or another. 
I never really gave Oldschool a chance, always preferring to focus on progress on my main in RS3. Recently, however, an old friend of mine has been bugging me to start an account on Oldschool Runescape. I logged into various accounts to find one that had some sort of starting progress to build on and found this one. Fittingly, the display name, Nitromanic, is the username of my original first ever Runescape account made way back in 2007 sometime. I never planned on creating another achievement thread to log my progress on this new beginning but out of nostalgia for Zybez and my old threads on we go!

[Image: f3nGjCJ.png]
* Quest cape *
* Full Graceful Outfit *
* Untrimmed Slayer Cape *
* 100M Cash Stack *
* Achievement Diaries completed *
* To have fun! *

[Image: doOXezw.png]
[Image: PfVLz2T.png] [Image: ZVNU5ij.png]

[Image: ChiEcjk.png]
[Image: KxjOAsM.png] [Image: xn3DQlv.png]

The first quest I completed since reviving this account was Cook's Assistant. Before revival, the only quest completed on the account was Druidic Ritual. 
Latest quest completion: The Slug Menace

I can't say for certain how frequently I will update this thread but I'm hoping I can stick to it. Life is made easier nowadays by the Runelite client for Oldschool which automatically takes screenshots on completion of quests/level ups! It's an absolute lifesaver! My first goal will be to achieve the Quest Cape, something I've never had before on either version of Runescape. I'm off to a great start, having gone from 4 to 78 Quest Points in 2 days! I'm following a very efficient guide on questing in Oldschool which you can find here.

Finally, thanks for reading! 
- Nitromanic -
Good luck with your goals, I'll be rooting for you from the sidelines.
(02-20-2019, 07:58 PM)Manga Wrote: [ -> ]Good luck with your goals, I'll be rooting for you from the sidelines.

Cheers Manga!

Latest update:
I've been pretty busy so not too much progress since I posted this thread up. I've gotten a few quests done, with the latest being Bone Voyage which unlocks Birdhouse runs for me, a great source of Bird Nests and Hunter xp! Besides that I've gained a few levels to help make things easier long term, as well as starting farm runs so I don't have to grind it out later on. The full graceful outfit may be next on my list as it makes running around so much easier!
Here are the screenshots of my latest levels:
[Image: WXZSoQQ.png]

[Image: cBnNlxP.png]

[Image: sd8tD3m.png]

[Image: cTOkItQ.png]

Cheers all,
Congrats! How do you find training everything from lower levels? Is it more enjoyable than being at higher levels?
(03-08-2019, 02:30 PM)Kevin Wrote: [ -> ]Congrats! How do you find training everything from lower levels? Is it more enjoyable than being at higher levels?

Thank you! I would say that it feels more rewarding at these lower levels. What I am really enjoying more is "playing Runescape properly" so to speak, as I have done some important things such as unlocking Fairy rings, Magic Secateurs, Ardy Cloak 1, going for Graceful set etc.. which I have never done on previous accounts. When I was younger I never unlocked the content that would make my life easier so the grinds aren't feeling as bad in comparison to back then! I know levelling will slow down as I progress but hopefully, I'll feel more rewarded as I'm planning to unlock all the content to help me out. 

 I've just been carrying on with birdhouse runs, farming runs, magic and agility recently. I unlocked high-alch with superheating which will help a tonne as I can high-alch while I'm running about doing quests, doing agility for graceful or when I want to have a bit of a break. Here are my most recent levels:
[Image: kWUsjyL.png]

[Image: 0rgEvTu.png]

[Image: iLGVxIi.png]

[Image: 3USYDKC.png]

[Image: uVhGO8Z.png]

A few updates to report on this time. I've been carrying on with my farm runs, birdhouse runs and a little bit of questing on the side. The farm runs and birdhouse runs have helped me to achieve 1000 Total which is great! I also achieved a big goal which was obtaining the full Graceful outfit which gave me 57 Agility along the way. I've also completed 'The Mage Arena' minigame to unlock a God Cape and then completed 100 casts of the Saradomin Strike spell as it is one of the most powerful spells at a lowish Magic level which will help me with quests in the future. 
Anyways, here are the screenshots of my latest accomplishments:
[Image: PSjPuhx.png]

[Image: OE8PRbJ.png]

[Image: ZTzslrS.png]

[Image: 7daJ03N.png]

[Image: zTXQKCp.png]

[Image: leyQfFU.png]

[Image: KcrqpZ4.png]

[Image: xwm0jOt.png]

[Image: Bg8n1wX.png]

Thanks for reading,
Your account is growing pretty well, good luck with the grind. If u want an active CC to hangout in try "VNG"
(03-26-2019, 05:08 PM)Wee Man Wrote: [ -> ]Your account is growing pretty well, good luck with the grind. If u want an active CC to hangout in try "VNG"

Cheers Wee Man! I'll have to pop in sometime  Smile 

I've gone a bit quiet recently because of University assignments but hoping to pick back up when I finish next week for the Summer. However, there has been some progress since my last update. I've gained some levels, done the odd quest and completed a few clue scrolls. 

List of Quests I've completed since last time:
Troll Stronghold (Law Runes and God Wars unlocked)
Troll Romance 
Horror from the Deep (God Books unlocked)
Eyes of Glouphrie (Crystal Saw unlocked)
Sea Slug
The Slug Menace (Proselyte unlocked)
These quest completions have brought me up to 118 Quest Points whilst unlocking some pretty important items. I'm thinking that I may venture off the Optimal Quest Guide I've been following and instead go for an Untrimmed Slayer Cape. I've always liked the look of the challenge since following Villandra (Slayerbelles) road to an Untrimmed Slayer Cape back in the day. 

In terms of clue scrolls I've just completed ones I've had from drops. So far these are:
1 Beginner
1 Easy
1 Medium

So onto the level ups...some of these have been quest requirements while others have just been done while filling time or from general Farm runs/birdhouse runs.
[Image: 7vtVtGB.png]

[Image: S1qciLF.png]

[Image: YWtgCQP.png]

[Image: n1NHTiG.png]

[Image: dI8zbDV.png]

[Image: wQLXhsk.png]

[Image: VdQysP8.png]

[Image: 2GpG7SX.png]

That's all for now! As always, thank you to everyone who reads this thread. Again, I always say it but I'll try to stay more up to date as I continue building my account!
Good luck on all of your endeavors on your account. Seems you're achieving them slowly but surely. Keep up the hard work!
(05-20-2019, 01:47 AM)Hell Nova Wrote: [ -> ]Good luck on all of your endeavors on your account. Seems you're achieving them slowly but surely. Keep up the hard work!

Thank you Hell Nova, indeed it's slow progress but progress nonetheless! 

Over the last couple of weeks, I haven't gotten much done due to my last University exam for the year and starting work again for summertime pocket money. Only one quest completed since the last update which is Shilo Village. This is an important quest as it unlocks Duradel for Slayer down the road. Besides that, I've been working on requirements for Lunar Diplomacy, a bit of Slayer when bored and the usual Farming/Birdhouse runs. The biggest surprise was a Champions Scroll from a Ghoul on 6kc. Quite lucky considering they have a 1/5000 drop rate! Here are the pictures from the last couple of weeks:
[Image: XynGHHl.png]

[Image: wGBMCMG.png]

[Image: moe6FN3.png]

[Image: fwCJNkO.png]

[Image: ybO0MWb.png]

[Image: xlDSW1s.png]

[Image: Vagtmve.png]

[Image: eApKXZJ.png]

Thanks all!
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