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Full Version: How did life turn out?
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We were all addicted to Runescape at one point, and have had different paths since then.

I'm curious as to how everyone is doing nowadays. It'd be neat to share some of your stories and where you are today.


- Started: 2005
- Quit: ~2012, 2013
- Age: 27-30 (guess)
- Career: Software Engineer

  • Spending so many years playing Runescape. Basically all of my high school years were spent on Runescape. I opted for grinding Runescape stats rather than having friends. In my later HS years, though, I did start working out at the gym.
  • I remember looking at a "C++ programming tutorial" sometime around 2003-2004 (before my RS days). I wish I would had learned C++ back then. I remember thinking "wow, this looks difficult" and navigated away from that page.
  • My biggest regret, I guess, was not getting into backend programming sooooooo much sooner. I did setup a couple basic LAMP stacks (linux, apache, mysql, php).
If you could go back in time, what would you change?
  • Play Runescape less. Experience high school. Be less shy. Make more friends. 
  • Join Facebook or Google back in 2008 or 2009. I had actually thought about this, but some reason I thought I was too young at the time.
About you: 

Nowadays I'm a Software Engineer. It all somewhat worked out in the end, but I do wish I would had gotten into programming so much sooner. Professionally I began in 2014, but I could have started as early as 2004/2005 if I just finished that C++ tutorial. My life would be so much more different now.



[b]If you could go back in time, what would you change?[/b]

[b]About you:[/b]

Big Grin
Quit: 2010 but no such thing as quitting rs for good
Age: 36
Career: retired, did ecommerce and crypto stuff

Regrets? none i met my business partner bloodarrow42 on rs and we became millionaires irl

If you could go back in time, what would you change? getting 85 slayer earlier and using the money on more party hats instead of prayer

About you: kim jong il's disciple
Started: 2007
Quit: 2011, came back in 2015 as a pure but quit again shortly after, returned once more recently
Age: 23
Career: Consultant

I don't have regrets, I met a lot of great people on this game

If you could go back in time, what would you change?
Spending too much time on RS instead of school

About you:
Started: 2001
Quit: 2004,2007,2011
Age: early 30s
Career: Medical Doctor + Public Health Researcher

Overall, no regrets. In retrospect, it's easy to criticize yourself and say, "I should have" ___ "sooner" etc.
Regrets related to RuneScape: I wish I didn't spend so much time on grinding... it eventually became much easier to level-up and in the end, grinding didn't even matter once the game became richer with content. I should've just botted. I regret getting rid of my RuneScape wealth and then losing it to Jagex just stealing it when they randomly decided to ban my account because the CEO didn't like me. Had I been careful with it, I could've been pretty rich in real life selling party hats and stuff.

As for regrets related to Zybez: to be honest, it was a time when we were all pioneers and nothing was really proven. It was before Youtube, live streaming, Wiki, Reddit, Wiki, etc. So, of course, it's easy now to look back and say, "should've changed Zybez to a Wiki model". To be honest, I did have the thought/idea as far back as 2001. But in those days, we were distrustful of simply crowd-sourcing content openly the way Wiki does. It would be like handing the key to your house to strangers and letting them redecorate your house. Also, don't forget that during the early days, RuneScape simply didn't have that much content... so a couple of people could easily maintain a fansite's content. Had we switched to a Wiki concept right around 2006 when RuneScape's game content started getting richer, we would've rode a pretty big tsunami. I would've been rich :-D and many people who worked on Zybez would've made fancy gaming industry careers.

If you could go back in time, what would you change?
Kind of already answered above.

About you:
I'm an MD but not working as one. I'm involved with various research but it's mostly "meh". I either wanna get my PhD and become a professor and do more of this damn research for the rest of my life - or just work as a physician. Of course, I'd rather be sitting in a quiet cafe somewhere with a tranquil view and writing my novel...