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Full Version: 420 PKERS 2/25/2019 Night out FT. wg/vng/jaja and more!
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So nice to make a post under clan fight and events after almost a year of 420 pkers being closed we have been back only as a community for 2 weeks now and plan to stay that way until the game closes for those of you that don't know who we are we have been around since 2004 and have been in and out of the clan community through all the changes over the past 15 years and yes we may have our share of closes but we always come back! we started out with 15 people and hopped around GDZ we ran into a small amount of jaja and gave them a little scrap cleared them took a ending. we then took it to rev caves where we ran into wg/vng and fought for a little bit until there were no white dots left on the map took our ending and rebanked. we finally hit revs one more time clearing a few open ccs then ran into to one that gave us a fight for 20 minutes iblilys I believe the name was we cleared them out took a final ending and ended for the night it was one hell of a lot of fun thanks everyone for the action!

[Image: 4jx09h.png]

[Image: klZVFlw.png]
[Image: yTBki9n.png]
[Image: lcEX6Jv.png]
[Image: TlKx5h8.png]
[Image: m7e6ujt.png]
[Image: W3GgqaQ.png]
[Image: 56KssYN.png]
[Image: AbbuIr5.png]
[Image: 56KssYN.png]
[Image: xWKF7pm.png]
[Image: ehfeB3t.png]
nice xdxdxd
danger danger dcranger
you jokers give dk a run for their money for most times to open and close in history
(06-04-2019, 08:53 PM)nicklin Wrote: [ -> ]you jokers give dk a run for their money for most times to open and close in history

Be easy, bro. 
glad to see active clan