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Full Version: Some tales from my time here
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Hi.  Hi

The following is just going to be a bunch of community and personal memories that stand out most in my time here. I'm on mobile and will probably ramble a lot so I apologize in advance but the more I think about this place and the amount of great times I've had here the more I'd like to share what I can remember. Without getting too sentimental it'd be nice to give thanks to RSC and everyone who taught me something along the way.

From as early as I can remember I was hooked to posting on these forums. It didn't take me long before I was more interested in posting than playing the game, which seemed to be the case with a lot of the big contributors. Back when I first joined the quality of discussion on here was unmatched and I'd visit every day after school and see what cool topics I could contribute to. Questions were answered so fast with crazy detail that it almost felt like some people were robots. I loved it. I remember being a CL in the marketplace back when we'd have competitions on who could get the most mod actions, a tradition kept through every MKP leader we had. I 'competed' with some of the most famous mods when they were just members all in good fun. I was also a SeMe for a relatively short period of time but all I can remember about that was that the SeMe boards were as boring as they said they were.

I remember so many people coming and going from Zybez, so many ideas that grew into a final product that was way ahead of it's time. Even now on the old help website I see quite a few quest guides I wrote and a few other guides credited to me with pictures of my character in the game taken so long ago I cant believe it's still there. In the little look I got behind the scenes at that time I realised the scale and quality of the product Zybez was creating was incredible and I was just happy to be a part of it.

I remember trying so hard to get noticed by posting everywhere I could, I even have a suggestion in the Hall of Fame, Carpentry, that I'll still claim at least one person at jagex definitely read before construction was introduced. Woeh I remember the best thing about awards was the awesome sigs people used to be able to make. Good sig designers were in top demand back then.

I remember when it was all about your rating log, who could give out the best ratings etc. I'd love to see mine just to reminisce. Theres almost too many people I could list who I know had a positive influence in shaping me growing up. Looking back I truly enjoyed my time here and can't believe how many positive memories I still hold about a little internet forum like RSC and how big of an impact it had on me.

Some random memories I have
  • The Serious Discussion subforum in GD. I probably learned how to write better just contributing in there than I did in school. It was a shame when it got removed but I know a few old members would definitely remember it.
  • MDW being the scary mod.
  • The Meet the Staff forum and the spam fest it created when it was first made.
  • The rise of PK Discussion and the dudes with ridiculously high post count coming out of nowhere.
  • The esteemed member rank (or was it called something similar?) coming out and watching a few Senior Members be 'demoted' down to it only to be repromoted within the next few weeks.
  •  Getting better IT help from the Computing subforum than from anyone I know.
  • The very start of Zybez Radio and how such a concept blew my mind at the time.

I havent mentioned many people but those who helped me the most know who you are. I owe this website and its members a lot and its nice to be able to reminisce on the good times I had here.
Good read. The old forum era definitely shaped my writing too. Sad to see it's limited to 140 characters (or more?) on twitter nowadays.
MDW was a bit of a scary mod wasn't he :p
Brilliant dude, scary mod  Tongue

It's good to see your name my old friend Hi My actual first memory of these forums is having you type each individual letter ingame because the word Zybez was already filtered out. When you, phobia-* and TheExtremist were all online in the questions board there was no point even attempting to answer a question without being embarrassed by a faster and more comprehensive response by one of you. You were a literal celebrity when I was a kid yet still had no problem answering questions and helping everyone who asked for it.

Gotta give a special shout out to Dark_Tyger, dark and PZ (RIP) who, along with you, had such a positive impact on me growing up.

I hope all is well with you Wub
Wow! I remember seeing some of these board usernames back in middle school! I'm in my early 30's now! hahaha