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Full Version: [oG] Open Gaming social/pvm clan! All Welcome!
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Welcome to Open Gaming! No requirements, just come hang out. PvM, skilling, chatting, whatever you're looking for we have it! We have a discord open to members and were always recuiting. Give our discord a visit here -> or come into opengaming cc to check us out!

If you're interested in joining, take a moment to read over our rules, then fill out a quick application and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Tash, Lvl 3 Mofoe, and Isoptox are the current leaders to get in contact with.

[oG] Rulez

1. Respect all players in cc/discord! Were all here to have fun!
2. Multiclanning IS allowed but not preferred. If you have a cc you do raids in or whatever thats fine but it would be preferred if you stay in this cc mainly.
3. HIGHEST RANK splits any PvM trips if the team agrees to split loot.
4. Keep a friendly environment in the cc! No serious subject restrictions or anything, but just respect if someone asks you to change the subject or drop the topic.
5. NO PKING clan members.
6. Having a rank is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for PvM Trips, don't throw a fit if a team doesn't want to take you with because you are not a clan member.

[oG] Application Format
Lets get to know you a little bit! Copy and paste this and PM to a Leader or Admin on Discord or reply here and we will look it over and get back to you!

RSN - 
Discord Username (if applicable) - 
Favorite Skill - 
Least Favorite Skill - 
Favorite OSRS activity - 
Timezone - 
Are you in any other clans right now?
Did you read our rules and do you agree to follow them?
What are you looking for the most out of this clan?
Did anyone refer you to this clan? if yes, who?

See you in the game!

Clan Chat: opengaming
Home world: 346
Full discord: access given when accepted
Partial discord/application status:
Come join us guys!
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