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Full Version: Barrows Gloves methods
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do you think the dragon slayer 2 method would work if i was really careful using the seercul during the last fight? if i were to get that 60 theiving itd make my shuffle look a lit-tid more proffessional as id have to likely to commit to the 70 hunter required for song of the elves- i feel like playing on a medium if i want to consider nutting up from 141-172 qp i misewell do it with regicide-sote and get them like that after gridlocking the 200 holding out til i finish the great brain robbery questline with it therein, if i topped it off with creature of fenkinstein-swan song and did desert treasure id have a neat build going. hope you are all well have a nice evening Heart
What are your combat stats?
im 102 cmb with 99 str 85 mage and 89 range 61 attack 66 def 91 hp 90 prayer thanks for asking duck hope your shirts tucked in!
A specialized build? The main issue with the Galvek fight is the high damage, is your gear sufficient? Maybe you can get 70 defense first. Also note that Seercull is 2 handed, and super antifire potions DO NOT work at Galvek. Generally players use ruby bolts (e) and diamond bolts (e). For me, this worked just fine.
Galvek can be very difficult, I may end up borrowing an Armadyl Crossbow for the big match as it were... I can afford a suitable outfit to compliment it when the time comes aswell. lots of work to be done in the meantime. thanks for the advisory, Duck.
Yea that is probably for the best, especially the last part can be very draining on your resources.
Very true. Vorkath shouldn't be underestimated either, minimizing your death count should take priority; best to prepare for that... Thanks duck
Yea make sure to prepare for Vorkath, learn to cast the crumble undead spell fast and learn to ''walk'' his barrage. Good luck!
Yea preparation , learning and coming to know what to expect... just felt like bouncing some long term goals back and forth; this site has always had a brilliant reputation so I figured this would be a safe place to start thinking about it.

thanks duck
i ended up resolving this without completing dragon slayer 2