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Full Version: Hey, Fate and its just a Feeling.
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Well, There we go. Without the Physical Exertions of Eternity. We have finally made it there. My name is Anthony Mazzeo, and Eye am a fuck up, two society. Long story cut short, yeah, always loved them two pieces, couldn't get Two, far.

Always thought it was about who had the gentlest means, not the highest "in" come. What has this many disability patent rights in his cue, yet has the desire two possess what really matters on this Earth.

Eye have actual proof of winning success and What cannot get that Foul Stench outta his head. Ohhhhh, deep fuh Two. Yet, can't hand out those medical insurance rights now can yuh what. Best get back in line is what Eye implied There? Art Thou What, keep it simple.

You spiked the Feeling, butt cmon what, when you can't relly own up two the claims the Great Masses have Strictly Enforced There StrictNine, and Therefour, a killing claim is small undoubtably. Yes, What, unlike your forces, we have PROOF.
[Image: Fzus2QP.png]
Well, Eye never went with my guts. Never said, yeah, the Devil, thats Write. You spent the rest f your life chasing Two's malevolently, yet expect. No keep no murder in that case Eye wood say, thats your fault for loving way two harshly and not really caring about destiny. A quote from myself in my past life: "You Read off his last Words Biblically, ykeep it Fourever."

Now what that Quote implied, there, darling of my sunshine, is beyond me.