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Full Version: Anyone alive? Just found it
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Just came back and found out RSC got shut down, and honestly I’m looking for a main clan that still does F2P fights? If not any, then I’m still looking for a main clan to join.

I’m 124 cmb
no f2p clan scene unless something changed in the last couple of months since i last checked
You won't find any type of f2p clan fights anymore, unfortunately Sad I wish! But, there are still clans out there that do fight each other but, it's mainly p2p.  
F2P is all but dead for mains, don't know of anyone who actively does F2P still. All clan action tends to be centred around the rev caves in P2P nowadays.
wow I miss all of that so much too, but thanks for advice about checking out rev caves, will do. kinda sucks that we are restricted by where playerbase is instead of what we'd want to do.