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Full Version: Zybez Ending Awards
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Quote:Best Personality: the Duck / Murdoc (tie)

Funniest Member: Jack

Most Helpful: Arceus

Most Intimidating: Matchu

Most Approachable: Jaakko

Most Respected: Hemlock

Best Debater: George

Most Recognizable Signature/Avatar: W13

Silent Worker: Southampton

Most Improved: Venenatis

Most Intelligent: Hemlock

Most Outstanding Person: Ile

Most Remarkable Newcomer: themacnerd

Most Influential: No1

Best Debater - George

[Image: EhPz7LS.gif]

Best Personality - The Duck
[Image: 0Za0ffX.gif]

Best Personality - Murdoc
[Image: WmqQmQu.gif]

Most Influential - No1
[Image: eexxL9J.gif]

Most Approachable - Jaakko
[Image: feE5bDn.gif]

Most Helpful - Arceus
[Image: 0SMyjxl.gif]

Most Improved - Venenatis
[Image: jxNjv2x.gif]

Most Intelligent - Hemlock
[Image: honHySS.gif]

Most Intimidating - Matchu
[Image: e1tuJ27.gif]

Most Outstanding Person - Ile
[Image: cP4nOxU.gif]

Most Recognizable Sig/Avatar - W13
[Image: SemwQSn.gif]

Most Remarkable Newcomer - themacnerd
[Image: IzCHwL5.gif]

Most Respected - Hemlock
[Image: Rpfl5a1.gif]

Silent Worker: Southampton
[Image: lYulism.gif]
grats everyone
Congratulations pals
Check PM
Best Personality: the Duck

Demanding a recount.
(09-19-2018, 01:51 AM)Dox17 Wrote: [ -> ]Check PM

Thanks for the sexy sigs, Dox.
(09-19-2018, 01:51 AM)Dox17 Wrote: [ -> ]Check PM

Grats TheMacNerd
Congratulations everyone.
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