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Full Version: New forum launched!
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Hey I'm Yontox and I'm new on this forum and wondering if I'm allowed to share my expierence with my own forum here. This is not an advertisement.

I have always dreamt of having a forum. Back in 2010 I was helping a friend with a warez forum, which basically focussed on sharing music. We were quickly discovered by a Dutch organisation called "Brein" and shut down due to copyright infringement. So I won't be doing that again Smile
Now I am back, still with the dream of having a forum! But I need all the help I can get from friends, we might be looking into some new moderators as well. So if you wish to join, now is the time. You'll get in early and you'll be able to discuss your favorite topics on

On top of all that, we'll be rewarding our first 100 members to reach 100 posts with a nice award accordingly.