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Full Version: All hail our robot overlords
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I am thankful that the robot spambots and the RSC bot posting news updates keep this forum alive. They say that one is never truly dead until you fade from the memories of everyone, and your name is no-longer spoken. Runescape Community, born of Zybez, and nurtured and grown by it, eventually becoming greater than it's creator, and ultimately abandoned by it, becoming an orphan... Runescepe Community will never die. It may be empty... but the robots will keep it company.
Haha I cleaned up some of the bot spam and upgraded to latest version of MyBB- don't wanna deal with a security breach.

As for the news bot... haha... I'll give it a slap and hopefully it'll spit out the news properly...
I, for one, welcome everyone in our home.
Good to see you Matt