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Full Version: Hi. In a galaxy a long time ago...
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It has been a long time indeed since I connected with Zybez, such as it is now. I haven't taken the time to sort through all the members but I do recognize W13, the founder of Zybez. I would have used my former Zybez identity (Jack), but it's already in use. 
I will look around and see who I knew back then if they're still here.
After taking a look at my in game friends list, it seems that the only on it is Murdoc. I also saw these names which I believe were also Zybez members. Oblivion, Cuzza123 us, Geniusdude, Alman 84, Jamesb R, and Hemlock. There may be others, and some have no doubt changed their names.
Hey Jack :-D

Yeah, me and a few people are still around and drop in once in a while.