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[Image: EzBk1NP.png]

Welcome to RuneBay!
  RuneBay is striving to become the next hub for any RuneScape or RSPS needs, in the coming weeks our RSPS toplist will be completed, so we are currently in the very early stages of re-opening our forum.  If you love RuneScape or RSPS, then this will be the forum for you! We have been working on the forum theme for a couple months now and we think it looks very nice, hopefully you future members will feel the same way.  RuneBay is not going to be your typical HF forum, where it won't even exist by next years time.  This is a project I am committed to spending years of my life on.  I hope that we can get some committed members as well, because I know down the road I will be looking for staff to moderate the website should it become an issue.

    We have a complex gambling plugin that mimics all of our favorite RS gambling games, such as 55x2, over/under, hot/cold, and dice duels against each other.  Please keep in mind, we are not a casino so the GP is for onsite purposes only, but there will be great ways to spend and use that GP! You will not find another forum with these gambling games!

This usergroup will come fully equipped with some lots of exclusive features, and almost all future possible features that would only be accessible through a paid upgrade.  The veteran usergroup gets a very nice orange username color, and an exclusive userbar (In my opinion it is the best userbar on the forum)

Here are some pictures of the forum!
[Image: ZS9R7J6.png]
[Image: w1FdWar.png]
[Image: dxCc0lV.png]
whoever goes to this site is prob gona get ddosed for claws at bh
(02-16-2021, 05:38 PM)hellboysjd2 Wrote: [ -> ]whoever goes to this site is prob gona get ddosed for claws at bh

Yep haha

Man I miss Zybez. That 2007 sub reddit has like 600k users and is ran by fucking two blokes.