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Full Version: Deathrow vs. Ancient Fury
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Our night started off with us scouting multiple teams in decent risk at lava dragons, we sounded the horn and started to get the boys on teamspeak. Hoping that we'd see some life out of Playdead but they were quite literally playing dead like usual not a single peep from their discord 😞 . After we had enough men on teamspeak, we decided to head up to lava dragons. As we were hoping in, Ancient Fury had the same idea so our fight began with John calling some solid piles on them. Having never had the opportunity to fight Ancient Fury in EST timezone we took full advantage of it hyping everyone up on teamspeak. Fighting one of the top 3 clans in our own timezone, our members were hyped for this challenge. The fight was pretty even with both sides catching a few clumps back and forth maintaining 25-30 in-game at all times. After 45 minutes of fighting we decided it'd be in our best interest to take an ending and say good fight to AF for the quick little scrap.
Thanks for the quick scrap AF.

Ended with 32 on Teamspeak.

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Thanks for the fight doggy
Clean as heck
Good fight AF
very cool

you guys! this is the first recap in like years!!

dude! af won obv but looks like you had fun!
My minimap was purple doggy.
Nice lads. Good to see you boys still going Null!