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Full Version: Deathrow Thursday Night out ft. Fate -&- Veng
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Decided to take a stroll through the wilderness after some of our plans fell through with another clan, decided to hit up the old 50 portals and check out the castle where we quickly found Fate. Who decided to fight back, after a few exchanges with them we remained victorious and thanked them for the quick scrap. Was some good fun, eventually we kept hopping at 50's finding a few small man teams and some open clan chats we've run into before.
After getting word about a team at Lava's we moved our location and began looking for them, once again finding our targets and quickly making work of them. Soon after we scouted Vengeance at Vetion, where we decided to intercept them. We hopped worlds and caught one lagging behind when he decided to tell Veng to log-in and the fight began, we quickly began catching a few key clumps on Veng forcing their members to teleport out and the snowball effect started to take full effect after 3 minor clumps on there part. Eventually we killed the last Veng member before they could return and we took our ending and called it a day after 2.5 hours of small manning.
Thanks for the small scraps Fate -&- Veng.
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