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Full Version: Hi, I'm recruit011.
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Hello everyone!

My name is Lewis, on Zybez my name was recruit011. Recruit011 is the username of my main account on RS3, the account I made in 2007 and stuck with. I made the account when I was 11 and before I had created an online alias. I have no idea where I got the name from and it has no meaning except the 011. After numerous name changes I settled on the name valkynaz, which is my online alias. I've stuck with the name recruit011 on here in hopes that anyone who recognises my name from Zybez will remember me. You can find my profile here:

The two names that stick in my mind for some reason are Wetai and Find Emotion. I must have talked to you guys a lot back in the day. Hello if you guys ever see this!

I wasn't by any means a popular person on Zybez but I frequented the forums a lot in my younger days. I was mostly active around 2009-2010 and mainly posted in the Achievements forum. I did create an achievements thread (or two) but I cannot access it now due to the archived state of Zybez. Late nights playing Runescape and browsing Zybez were some of my fondest memories from my younger days. I miss those days dearly. The picture you see posted above is the first ever picture I posted on Zybez. I have some more pictures on photobucket I will share at the end of the month when I can pay for their cheapest plan (photobucket has a 250 image limit for free users).

My earliest memory of Runescape is sometime in 2004, when it was still number one or two on Miniclip. I had no idea what I was doing and only started playing properly when I was transitioning to high school. Everyone I knew was playing or had played when I started high school, even the popular kids (although they hid it from their popular friends). I did not participate in the clanning aspect of Runescape as it was something that did not appeal to me at the time, as I had my IRL friends to play with. However this is something that I now regret a lot, seeing the things I missed out on and never making long term friends that I can talk to today (accepting friend applications, please PM me). There is a lot I could talk about during my play time over the years but everything ended when I maxed my account on Runescape 3 (pre-invention). I did not enjoy the game post-EOC and only continued playing to see an end to the journey I started in 2007. A few years ago I started playing OSRS full time, taking a break here or there. I see myself now playing the game until I have maxed my OSRS account so I plan on being active almost daily going forward.

I am posting here because Zybez/RSC is still in my heart dearly and I prefer forums over social media. I truly believe a lot of other people still think a like and this community has potential to grow. I will be contributing to the forums as much as I can, where I can. I invite my fellow 'scapers to do the same. I see a lot of viewers browsing these forums showing there is still demand for them. I will be sticking around for a while. These forums at the moment need a big push for new content, please join me!
Hey :-)

I find it very nostalgic reading these posts, so thank you for being so detailed Smile I was mostly active between 2003 and 2007 in RSC, updating Zybez, the price guide, item db, monster db, writing guides etc. Huge part of my life that I have a very soft spot for still and really shaped the person I am today.