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Full Version: Hello All - Some Memories - Vids Included
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The boards don't seem all that active, but leaving a post kind of feels like signing someone's yearbook to look back on fond memories.
I started playing on Classic around '02/'03, and, like many of you, I immediately walked north until I died and lost everything in the Wilderness.  I played off and on until Runescape 2 came out, and that's when I really sank my teeth into the game.  I made a few fleeting friends here and there, but my RS journey really took off once I met another player, Merdaque, while fishing in Barb Village. 
We were both relatively low levels of 20/30, and worked together in friendly competition seeing who could get their first set of rune.  Our levels climbed, and I started perusing clans to see what else the game had to offer.  Merda mentioned the clan he was in, The Synergy, and it wasn't too long before I joined up.  For the clan historians out there, The Synergy was one of many ARPK clans that split off of Wilderness Guardians, but the friendships eventually brought those groups together into The Federation, a loose alliance that saw some fun battles.
I spent the majority of my time on RS with that clan.  In terms of power, I think we peaked around 15/20 on RSC board rankings.  After gaining members and solidifying our skills a bit we were pushing to try and "be something" in the clan scene, but drama happened that split the clan in two just before our first large scale fight was scheduled against a Pre-VR Awaken. 

Side note: Being an adult, it's more than a little messed up to look back on how a predatory middle aged woman dating pre-teen boys broke off to form her own clan with her new boyfriend.

Syn splintered into a few clans, but most rejoined and brought those members along with them.  We carried on for several more years, but mainly just as a group of people that had fun pking together.  With the wilderness/bounty crater/fluctations the clan itself just found itself ready to end.  I was lucky enough to have climbed to Leader, but honestly the best thing I gained was the friends I still chat with randomly to this day.

A few of us wound up in Divine Forces, for a short time I was in Damage Inc, and I finally settled into Reign of Terror during our climb to #1 F2P/P2P.  I stuck around in RoT for several years as a relatively mediocre member, but a few Syn had also joined and so it was as close to home as I had.  I've no idea what happened to most clans after retiring.  I came back for a sec as an "Old School Member" with RoT in the early 2010's, but I had pretty well checked out of RS and didn't know most of them so I quit playing as I really dove into my schooling.

So I've been mostly retired since 2011ish, but I have had the chance to play around in OSRS off and on over the years.

It's the drug you can't quit, and every so often you just need a hit of Nostalgia. 

Within the boards, I mainly floated around general chat and clan boards.  The Zybez change was okay, but I really did miss the Runescape Community boards. or whatever it was just seemed less free, and by the time Curse came around I'm fairly certain I had checked out of the boards.  I do miss the forum experience.  Moderation is a wonderful thing, and social media just kills me with the unchecked rage and vitriol that seems to be the fuel by which it all burns.

IRL: I snagged a bachelors in Telecommunications & Theatre a few years back.  My big interests are media, which I have a love/hate relationship with how it's used and what it could be these days, and film/television, which I'm striving to build a writing career around.  Luckily, the person I'm working on a current script/story with is a fellow Synergy member that I've known for nearly two decades now.

I may swing back to check for replies and chat at some point, but no guarantees since I didn't even know I had this account until I tried to make a new one! 

Hi Happy Saturday Hi

We have a chunk of other videos posted under this same account if anyone is interested in a nostalgia trip
Thanks for sharing so much Nostolgia! I started playing around the same time as you and also joined during classic before rs2 beta was public and bank transfers were open Smile

Great times! I used to sneak my computer room key upstairs to play RSC past midnight on school nights in middleschool hahaha.