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For all intents and purposes, this site is pretty much dead, as are forums in general. And that's rather unfortunate considering how much of an influence RSC was on my adolescence. 

I joined Runescape Community on August 27, 2002. I was 14. I had been a long-time poster on a different site called RSPlanet, but that site had for some reason decided to merge with zybez in the summer of 2002. Many of the long term posters were opposed to it, and never moved over to the new site, but I did.

As the years passed, I remained active on RSC, eventually moving up to become a Senior Mod. Along the way, I met many people I became friends with, some whom I still talk to on a regular basis all these years later. Actively posting on forums like RSC really helped my writing, something you might find hard to believe, reading this. Alas with the passing of the years my eloquence has diminished. 

Runescape Community might be a faint shell of its former self, but still, being able to mark 20 years of participation on an internet forum is pretty neat. So three cheers for me, and to all those who I conversed with frequently on RSC, or on IRC, or MSN back in the early to mid '00s, thanks for all the memories. I hope y'all are doing well.
Damn son.