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Full Version: Blast from the past: 2004 or so
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Why hello! Randomly out of the blue I remembered RSC from back in the day. I'm using a username here that was one of my RS accounts. I'm old school IMO. I'm no longer in my 20's, and I was a member of RuneScape community forums around 2004-5 or so, on and off. I only actively played the game from 2004 to 2007. I was also part of the RunePeace project, a side spinoff, and a few other RuneScape forums.

I've had some nostalgia for old school forums in the back of my head recently, and randomly thought of this.

I couldn't tell you what my original name was on the forums- because I don't even remember. But I see tons of names I remember hear. If there was anyone that remembered me somehow it would be cool to get in touch. Hope everyone is well!

I got back into gaming during the pandemic- not so much RuneScape, but I'm a big age of empires guy still, and some other games. Trying to be a bigger reader!

Well, hello all.