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RE: Books vs E-readers - Ramu - 09-23-2018

I like physical books when I have to go back and reference them later. For example when I have to write a book report. My mind can find the place in which I want to reread by knowing what part of a page it is on and how far through the book it was.

Ebooks are simply more convenient for school textbooks and the casual bedtime reading. At least here I can copy and paste the words into my notes.

Otherwise I do not read. Maybe once school is long over with.

RE: Books vs E-readers - Jack - 09-23-2018

Books without a shadow of a doubt. I had all my university books on my iPad for easier referencing though.

RE: Books vs E-readers - Patr1ck - 09-23-2018

I read e-books from time to time, but it's only when I really have to. Paper books all the way. Wink

RE: Books vs E-readers - Zaro - 09-23-2018

Physical books for sure, I like to own a physical copy and my eyes don't like e-books.

RE: Books vs E-readers - Jake - 09-23-2018

I read a lot on my iPad using the Kindle or Marvin app. Sometimes it’s easier to get an e book and their generally cheaper / do good deals. Although dependent on the author I’ll buy a physical book.

RE: Books vs E-readers - Teddy - 09-26-2018

I like physical books, but I've never tried e-readers, only computers. Physical books are easier to focus on without getting distracted. When I read, I know I'm reading. I just associate screens with the ability to multitask. Maybe if a friend let me borrow an e-reader, I'd change my mind, though, because I don't really like having a lot of books around once I'm done with them.


RE: Books vs E-readers - Murdoc - 09-26-2018

(09-23-2018, 08:25 AM)Jack Wrote: Books without a shadow of a doubt. I had all my university books on my iPad for easier referencing though.
Yeah I can't lie or hide - Google Books was the reason my Uni essays' references and Bibliographies looked so impressive... The joys of finding single sentences/quotes from books you'd never come across in person to make you seem that much smarter than you actually are. Lol

RE: Books vs E-readers - Torreoria - 10-11-2018

Books seem to legitimize what is being read. I discovered an old book and felt I had found a treasure.

RE: Books vs E-readers - Chvrlie - 10-11-2018

I do prefer having the physical copy of the book. I love the smell of new books, being able to read through it and add it to my collection. I do have a kindle which is handy when I don't want to carry a book with me and for it's ease of getting the books you wanna read straight away, assuming they are available but it'll never beat having the book.

RE: Books vs E-readers - zGoat - 10-11-2018

Personally I prefer audiobooks as usually I'm busy with work/paper work and the free time I have I like too enjoy grinding it out on the ironman.
I'd highly recommend this to anyone interested too;