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Rules - Wee Man - 10-05-2018

Clan Fights & Events

This section is specifically for topics about clan vs clan events whether that is single or multi PvP, PvM/Skilling competitions or anything else that involves two clans trying to beat each other in game.

Topics aimed at recruitment belong in the Recruiting section and everything else involving clans belongs in Clan Discussion. If you have suggestions on how to improve this section feel free to post in the "Help Us Improve Clan Discussion" thread. "Night/Weekend Out" threads are allowed if your clan has had multiple opponents in a short space of time but if these only  involve killing individual pkers your topic will be moved to the "Player Kills" section, only clan vs clan events will remain here.

I. No Inappropriate Material or Language

We won't tolerate Racism, Hate Speech, Racial/Derogatory slurs, or Pornographic/Gore material in your topics whether that's found in the topic itself, within images/videos or within the replies.

II. Flaming

The only kind of flaming that won't be allowed is anything that's directed towards someone in real life, some examples would be their ethnicity, location, age, gender, living/financial situation, looks, disability, race or sexual orientation. Racial/Derogatory slurs or remarks also won't be allowed as per the first rule.

III. Evidence

Nobody wants to have the section spammed with bullshit threads about fights or events that never happened or low effort spam topics. There's not going to be any hard and fast rules about what your topics should contain, just try and show that the event actually happened and explain how it went down a little bit.

IV. Do not argue with the Staff

If staff decide that your topic breaks any rules and they remove/close it or moderate it in any way don't try and have a public debate with them about what happened, just send them a private message if you have any questions or complaints. If you feel like the member of staff is ignoring you or brushing you off just take it to someone more senior (King > Senior Mod > Mod). Remember, mistakes will happen but we'll try our best to take the correct course of action.

V. The Event must be over for you to post the topic

-If the event is still ongoing the topic will be locked.
-If a clan fight is between multiple clans or teams then the team/clan who are posting the thread must have left the fight for their topic to remain open. 
-If the topic is from a non involved party then the fight or event must be over between all participants.

VI. Who gets to post the topic

Anyone. If you are a third party (i.e. you didn't take part in the event) then the topic must adhere to all other rules and if you continuously post topics to bait one particular clan/person or about events that never happened then your posting privileges to the section will be removed at the staff's discretion.

VII. Spam

Anything we consider to be spam will be removed, memes and image responses are fine as long as they don't break any previous rules. Here's a couple of examples of spam:

-Posts containing just an abbreviated response (gz, gratz, kk, gg, rip, lol, lmao, ffs).
-Posts which are just quotes of previous posts with nothing added.