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Hemlock - Hemlock - 10-07-2018

Hello. My name is Dan.

I am an old man compared to the vast majority of you. I apologize for this in advance.

I started playing Runescape around 2001 because the MUD (Aurelian Realms) I used to play shut down right around the same time. I craved playing an online game with others but I was tired of text. I needed graphics. Thanks to Miniclip, I foolishly clicked on an ad for Runescape and have been entangled in some fashion until this very moment. Runescape Classic SUCKED. Runescape 2 with the ability to run hooked me in. I wanted to find a place to post and debate and vent and argue and Zybez was my final answer.

One year later, I went from junior member to member to Esteemed Member to Senior Member to Moderator. A year after that, I became Senior Moderator. Two years after that, I was a King.

I was a passionate fan of the game and at the apex of my career I maxed out all skills and earned a Completionist Cape. I had been a Mod in the game since 2005ish. I do not know who recommended me but my bet is on Myst.

How did I become a King? That's a long story. I may type it out as I've did once before. But I can not at the moment. I recently had a seizure at work and was taken to the hospital. I am doing better. I am on Disability Leave and hating every second of it as I crave to work. While I may seem angry and bitter, I truly do love all of you. This is not me being Mr. Rogers. This is me being exactly who I am from soup to nuts. I have issues but when I tell you that I love you, I mean it.

RE: Hemlock - Teddy - 10-08-2018

Hey Hemlock! Nice to see you officially join the new RSC!

I knew you were a mod in-game, but I didn't know you were comped, so late grats on that. Hate to hear the bad news about the health issues you've been going through recently. But those of us in the community who know you... we believe in you and your ability to get through it. We're not as experienced or as wise as you in many ways, but we are here for you on the boards and in the Discord for whenever you want to chat or vent Big Grin

Welcome back again!


RE: Hemlock - Daddy Geo - 10-08-2018

Glad to hear from you Hemlock, hope all is well from one old man to another. Cheers!

RE: Hemlock - Hemlock - 10-08-2018

Teddy, I think venting in public leads to a lot of drama that shouldn't be displayed towards others. I try my best to remain as private as possible; not to be anti-social but to represent myself in the best possible way. Humility and pride are different sides of the same coin. Serenity is the edge that it can stand upon.

My health is improving. Even though I type this at 3:55am EST, I'm well, not in pain, and wanting to go back to sleep. I would love to speak with you on Discord whenever it is best for you. I prefer talking over text as my fingers don't work as well as they once did.

Geo, I pray that your child is well and healthy. G-d bless you for being a good father. Old is a facade young people in character wear when they are depressed or weary.

I have taken mine off a few years ago.

RE: Hemlock - W13 - 10-08-2018

[Image: UQvylYR.png]

RE: Hemlock - Hemlock - 10-08-2018

Then, the Prophet (S) turned towards the Jews and said: “Oh Jews! Have you come to me so that I would accept your claim without any proofs?”

The Jews replied: ‘No.’

The Prophet (S) said: “Then what is the reason behind your claim that Prophet Uzair [Ezra] (S) is the son of God?”

The Jews replied: ‘We say this because Uzair [Ezra] (as) vivified Torah for Jews [Bani Israel, the nation of Prophet Musa (as)] after its destruction and he was able to do this because he was the son of God.’

The Prophet (S) replied: “Now tell me why you consider Ezra [Prophet Uzair (as)] as the son of God, why not Moses (as) [Prophet Musa (as)] who brought Torah for Jews [Bani Israel] and displayed many miracles, which you are aware of. And if the only reason for you to consider Uzair (as) as the son of God is his miracles of vivifying Torah then Musa (as) is more worthy of being called the son of God. And if this minor miracle [vivifying of Torah] can make Uzair (as) the son of God, then the one who possesses much greater miracles should have a higher status than prophethood because if by being a son you mean that man and woman copulate and give birth to a son, then you are infidels because you have compared God to His creatures and attributed to Him the characteristics of a haadith2 (that which comes into existence) and you do believe that what is haadith is a creature and a creature needs a Creator for its creation.”

The Jews said: ‘Yes, we do not think of Uzair (as) as the son of God in this meaning because that would mean infidelity, just like you mentioned. But we call him the son of God to show respect towards him in the same way as some of our scholars call a person ‘my son’ to respect him and appreciate his high status and that person is not related to the scholar by blood because quite often, a stranger who does not have any blood relationship is also called a son. Similarly, when God did what He did to Uzair (as), He made Uzair (as) His son for his respect and not by birth.’

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The Prophet (S) replied: “Yes, do think it over but think with an unbiased heart. May Allah show you the right path.”

RE: Hemlock - W13 - 10-10-2018

"Indeed, the worst of living creatures in the sight of Allah are the deaf and dumb." - 8:22

This is why I get my hearing checked annually.

RE: Hemlock - Dox17 - 10-10-2018

What is happening in this topic I dont even

RE: Hemlock - The duck - 10-10-2018

Hemlockva. The name, the man.

RE: Hemlock - Murdoc - 10-10-2018

We are not worthy.   Woeh

@Teddy: I remember reading on Zybez many moons ago that in the early days Jagex made fansite administrators PMods. Maybe Hemlock didn't directly benefit from this, if the time line doesn't fit, but it was the case with other oldies.