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Aquariums - Domino Dice - 11-14-2018

Anyone here in an Aquarist or keep fish. If so post some of picture of tanks

Here is my little nano reef tank

[Image: ad4afd7b82f3659c6a3b1e86324e3029.png]

And an old photo of all my tanks, I think I have added one or two more to the shelf

[Image: 4bd0090c3b348b853fa4786681623ab1.png]

RE: Aquariums - Kevin - 11-14-2018

I used to have one at one of my old student houses. When I get a house, I'll definitely consider getting one because it's a nice aesthetic.

RE: Aquariums - Matt258 - 11-15-2018

My dad Owned an Aquarium Store for 41 Years Smile He has one @ home. I'll have to get a pic of it sometime

RE: Aquariums - Potrahs - 11-15-2018

Can fish survive 4 days without feeding?

RE: Aquariums - Domino Dice - 11-16-2018

(11-15-2018, 09:04 AM)Potrahs Wrote: Can fish survive 4 days without feeding?

Yeah. Some species of fish can go with two weeks with out food. 7 days is usually the max for industry fish.

RE: Aquariums - W13 - 11-16-2018

I kept 3000 Garra Rufa fish in a 15,000 liter indoor pool for about a year (late 2016 to early 2018). It was one of the toughest things maintaining it and just mentioning it is causing my brain to hurt.

Thankfully I built a 1000 liter, 3 tank biofilter/swirl-filter and installed a powerful UV clarifier -- or else it would've been a huge disaster.

Never again.