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Pardon my French but, - Hemlock - 05-26-2020


This used to be the elite community of Runescape players, clans, PKers, skillers, completionists, assholes, and badasses.

While Zybez is dead, pissed on, stirred, and pissed on again, we have the capacity to regrow ourselves. We are all older people. Some have graduated high school, colleges, or Unis as the Brits tend to call them. Some have married, some have had children, and some have died. But the game still exists. Therefore, this site must regain its grandeur as the best site when it comes to discussion.

Fuck Twitter and 140 characters. Fuck Wiki sites as they have become to be the quick site to answer a question and never get another person's opinion. Fuck Reddit (actually don't fuck Reddit; I got gilded recently so they have a twenty-seven day reprieve).

To post and debate and argue and expand horizons was what Zybez used to be. To write guides, to post kills, to show screenshots of 99s, to be dickheads in Off-Topic, to write stories, to ask questions, to suggest, to sell your coal and buy your runite, to congratulate promotions or to bicker over the decisions of upper level staff...

I challenge anyone and everyone who reads this. I for the last week been spending ten minutes a day deleting and banning Cialis posters. Who else stood up? If you were a regular poster, post. If you were or currently a Mod, moderate and post. This is not a phoenix rising from the ashes. This is a new order.

If you have the courage, stand.

RE: Pardon my French but, - Saddam - 06-05-2020

oldschool forums cant compete with streamers twitter reddit and the like, i dont like it or use them but it is what it is, no use flogging a dead horse

RE: Pardon my French but, - Murdoc - 09-13-2020

Ah I completely agree, but Saddam is right. Internet culture as changed too much, people don't have the attention span anymore, etc.

What a shame Zybez couldn't stick it out for lockdown. I'm sure activity would have jumped at least a little off that...

RE: Pardon my French but, - Vyrewatch_Sentinel - 11-16-2020

I've noticed the same happening with other gaming communities, including World of Warcraft. Everyone has been sucked into social media and video content (including myself) that it's hard to have written discussions anymore.

RE: Pardon my French but, - blackspy - 12-09-2020

Hemmy, I love your zeal and enthusiasm. I hope you've been well in the batshit world of 2020.

RE: Pardon my French but, - W13 - 12-09-2020

I randomly noticed the server uptime: "833 days" and then remembered this website... and I come here expecting infestation by the bots but Blackspy literally posted a reply a few hours ago Lol