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Bad Timing xLPC [45-65 COMBAT] - PICwarior381 - 02-15-2019

[Image: blockedimage.png?size_mode=5&key=887ac4f...8b5d8f57f6]

Bad Timing is a XLPC found by Blackson and Byron
Started as a main clan in pre-eoc and first time to open as a pure clan in early 2017 Bad Timing will be making a return into the XLPC scene.
The last time Bad Timing was open we put a show in the XLPC scene where we fought the following clans Rampage, envy, ascent.
The last time Bad Timing was open we had a 3-0 Prep record in clanwars, Pulled constant 50+ to weekends, and anywhere from 25-40 on midweeks.
We will be open to do midweeks, weekends, preps, minis.
Teamcape: 48


Founder: Blackson

Leader: Chris- Dzeko- Byron

Council: Whip

Warlord: Originalz

Our latest trip

Last 2 prep

You can check us out more here